Matt LeBlanc made a hilarious appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” recently, and it was definitely one for the books. The crowd was electric as they welcomed Matt to the stage with a thunderous applause. He couldn’t help but joke about getting a ticket on his bike, and even poked fun at the infamous fashion rule of not wearing white after Labor Day. Matt proudly declared himself a rebel who doesn’t conform to such rules.

But that’s not all that happened on this episode. Ellen Degeneres herself joined Matt in a visit to Staples for some back-to-school shopping. The duo had a blast exploring the store and stocking up on the essentials. From file cards to copy paper and even big post-it notes, they made sure they had everything they needed for the upcoming season of the show.

In addition to the shopping adventure, Ellen also introduced a fun segment called “Back to Talk Show Shopping.” This segment showed what guests do behind the scenes before making their appearance on the show. Ellen playfully demonstrated the preparations and supplies available to guests, including Altoids, a spatoon for chewing gum, and even wigs in case someone wasn’t happy with their hairstyle. It was a lighthearted glimpse into the world behind the scenes of a talk show.

The highlight of the episode was, of course, Matt LeBlanc promoting his new show, “Joey.” As the much-anticipated spin-off of “Friends,” Joey brings the beloved character to California for new adventures. Matt discussed his character’s development and how he had been training and working out for the role. A clip was shown, featuring Joey’s sister and nephew, and the hilarious dynamics between the characters.

Throughout the episode, Matt LeBlanc showcased his wit and charm, leaving the audience in stitches. His energy and comedic timing were on full display, reminding everyone why he is a fan favorite. With his new show and his comedic talent, Matt continues to bring laughter and entertainment to audiences everywhere.

Don’t miss the full episode of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” featuring Matt LeBlanc, and be sure to tune in to “Joey,” which premieres tonight. It promises to be a hilarious show filled with the same humor and charm that made Matt LeBlanc a household name.

Originally aired on September 9, 2004