Bruce Dern and Ann-Margret, two renowned celebrities, recently appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, and they brought some interesting stories with them. The talk show, known for its lively atmosphere and engaging guests, did not disappoint.

During the show, Bruce Dern, who had been nominated for a Golden Globe Award for his role in The Great Gatsby, spoke about his high school days. Interestingly, both Dern and Ann-Margret attended the same high school, which was located in W Illinois. Despite not attending at the same time, they reminisced about their experiences and the differences they noticed between their time in school and the extravagant performances shown on the talk show.

Dern also shared stories about his passion for running and how he often goes on long runs with Johnny Carson. It turns out that Carson is quite the avid runner, covering an impressive 8 to 9 miles per day.

As the conversation progressed, Dern mentioned his involvement in track and how it differed from the contact sports he avoided in high school. He attended Nutrier Township High School, which was a conglomerate of five towns in the area. Though the school had excellent football, wrestling, and swimming teams, Dern chose to focus on track, a sport that aligned more with his individuality.

While discussing his high school experiences, Dern revealed that he struggled to fit into the strict environment of prep school. He eventually returned to Nutrier after spending two years at CH school for boys in Connecticut. His inability to adjust to prep school caused him to go back home, where he would meet interesting characters, such as his sister’s husband, named Dick Seagull.

Switching gears, Dern opened up about his brief foray into skiing. Robert Redford, a close friend of his, encouraged him to take up the activity, promising that it would be enjoyable. However, Dern’s first skiing lesson was far from pleasant. Over the course of two hours, he found himself repeatedly falling and struggling to even perform a snowplow, a basic move in skiing. Needless to say, Dern quickly decided that skiing was not for him, especially after witnessing a reckless skier crashing into a Volkswagen in a nearby parking lot.

Ann-Margret, on the other hand, discussed her early passion for dancing. She revealed that she started dancing at a very young age and even shared a charming anecdote about a film where she was seen shaking her hips at just 8 years old. Her dancing skills never failed to impress, and she quickly became known for her energetic performances.

As the conversation went on, the talk show also touched on their dating experiences during high school. Dern humorously recalled his first date in the eighth grade, where he made the risky move of kissing his date, Carol Langenbach, on the mouth. Unfortunately, his attempt at a romantic gesture backfired when Carol slapped him, leaving him without a kiss for the next three years.

Both celebrities shared their nostalgic high school stories with a touch of humor and authenticity, providing the audience with a glimpse into their lives before the glitz and glamour of fame. The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson once again brought together fascinating guests whose stories entertained fans and showcased the dynamic nature of talk shows.

In conclusion, Bruce Dern and Ann-Margret‘s appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson was an engaging and lively discussion filled with entertaining stories from their high school days, passions, and misadventures. It is always a pleasure to see these talented celebrities share their experiences on such a renowned talk show.