In a recent episode of The Ellen Degeneres Show, Paris Hilton made an appearance and talked about her busy schedule. She discussed her various ventures, such as her jewelry line, clothing lines, perfume, and even her own album. Hilton mentioned that she has a new single called “Screwed,” which is a rock song inspired by Blondie’s Debbie Harry. She also shared that she has a movie coming out and a book called Confessions of an Arys.

During her conversation with Ellen, Hilton revealed that she loves dressing up and frequently changes her hairstyle. She even compared one of her hairstyles to Farah Fawcett’s iconic look. Hilton also touched on her love for her pets, including her dog named Tinker Bell, two ferrets, and a miniature Bobcat named Liger.

Ellen and Hilton also discussed Hilton’s reality show, The Simple Life, where she and Nicole Richie tackle various jobs that they have never done before. From working in a sausage factory to being housekeepers at a nudist colony, Hilton and Richie experience the challenges and mishaps that come with these unfamiliar roles.

Throughout the interview, Hilton’s lively personality and enthusiasm shone through, leaving fans excited about all her upcoming projects. With her undeniable success and never-ending endeavors, Hilton continues to inspire young girls to chase their dreams and have a great time doing it.