On a recent episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the host delved into a bizarre revelation made by RFK Jr. According to the New York Times, health records from 2010 show that RFK Jr. visited a doctor due to cognitive symptoms like memory loss and mental fogginess. What was even more shocking was the doctor’s diagnosis: a worm had supposedly eaten part of RFK Jr.‘s brain.

Naturally, this revelation raised many questions. How could a worm have gotten into his brain? What type of worm was it? Experts suspect it may have been pork tapeworm larvae. But the real mystery is how RFK Jr. managed to contract such a parasite. Could it be the result of his love for pork? The details remain unclear.

This information initially came to light during divorce proceedings in 2012, where RFK Jr. argued that his earning power had diminished due to his cognitive struggles. In a deposition, he mentioned suffering from both short and long-term memory loss. While this revelation may lead some to question his mental state, it’s worth noting that RFK Jr. was also diagnosed with mercury poisoning, likely from consuming excessive amounts of fish. Perhaps the memory loss can be attributed to a combination of factors.

Despite these health issues, RFK Jr. claims to have recovered from the memory loss and insists there are no lasting effects from the parasite. He believes he has never felt better and dismisses any notion that he is controlled by the worm living in his skull.

In other news, Governor Kathy Hochul of New York found herself in hot water after making a gaffe during a conference. She stated that young black kids in the Bronx don’t even know what a computer is, a statement that drew widespread criticism. While this incident highlighted the issue of limited computer access in certain communities, it also showed that even public figures can make regrettable mistakes.

On a lighter note, an informational video about cicadas from the Forest Preserve District of DuPage County, Illinois, went viral. The video detailed the life cycle of cicadas and their emergence from the soil. Although it may seem like an odd subject, the video gained traction and captured the attention of the public.

Lastly, the Indiana primary provided a surprising result. Despite dropping out of the race two months prior, Nikki Haley still managed to secure nearly 22% of the vote. This unexpected outcome surely caused a sting for Donald Trump, who likely anticipated a different outcome.

With such intriguing stories making waves in the entertainment world, it’s clear that talk shows like The Late Show with Stephen Colbert continue to captivate audiences. Whether it’s RFK Jr.‘s brain worm, viral cicada videos, or political surprises in primary races, there’s never a dull moment in the world of late-night television.