In a recent episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, comedian Chelsea Handler made a surprising revelation about her romantic feelings towards legendary actor Robert De Niro. As the audience erupted in laughter and applause, Handler couldn’t help but express her attraction to De Niro.

Handler, known for her candid humor, didn’t shy away from discussing her crush. She confessed, “I’m very sexually attracted to Robert De Niro. I’m not gonna pretend that I’m not.” She even went on to boldly state, “I have a penchant for elderly men. I always date older.”

The admission sparked a hilarious exchange between Handler and Fallon, with the host playfully teasing her about her infatuation. Handler humorously added, “I couldn’t even go near him backstage because his girlfriend’s back there, and I don’t want her to think that I’m making a move, but I want to make a move.”

This lighthearted banter between Handler and Fallon is a testament to the welcoming and friendly atmosphere created on The Tonight Show. Handler expressed her gratitude towards Fallon, praising him for being a gracious host, particularly when it comes to interacting with her family backstage. She commended Fallon for going the extra mile to take pictures with her loved ones, emphasizing that not every talk-show host does that.

Handler’s appearance on the show marked her 14th time as a guest, highlighting the longstanding relationship between her and Fallon. Celebrating the show’s ten-year anniversary, Handler extended her appreciation for the entire production, acknowledging how it has always been great to her.

As the conversation continued, Fallon shared a funny anecdote from one of Handler’s previous visits to his show. Reminiscing about a segment where they raced through the audience, Fallon admitted to being nervous at the time. Handler triumphantly recalled beating him in the race, adding, “I remember wearing nursing sneakers because you guys didn’t have any sneakers for me to run in.” The audience erupted in laughter as Handler vividly described slipping on vodka and falling on her hands, ultimately breaking a glass.

Although the talk show featured humor and entertaining moments, Handler also took the opportunity to discuss her upcoming projects. She announced her Las Vegas residency at the Cosmopolitan Casino, expressing her excitement for performing at such prominent venues. Having been on tour for an extended period, the two-year Vegas residency is an ideal opportunity for Handler to showcase her comedic talents.

The lively conversation didn’t stop there. Handler also shared her joy over getting a new puppy named Doug. She humorously mentioned her struggle with her previous dogs, who seemed more favorably disposed towards her housekeeper, given her frequent absence due to touring.

Throughout the episode, Handler’s wit and charisma were on full display, making for an amusing and engaging conversation with Fallon. The lively banter and candid revelations provided the audience with an entertaining and unforgettable episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.