The latest episode of The Ellen Degeneres Show was a star-studded affair, with high-profile guests Jon Stewart, Elaine Stritch, and Oliver Hudson gracing the stage. The episode was filled with laughter, fun, and interesting stories.

Ellen Degeneres kicked off the show with her trademark charm and enthusiasm, expressing her gratitude to the audience for their warm welcome. She mentioned that she was in a great mood, thanks to having a rare good night’s sleep after a hectic Emmy weekend.

Ellen then went on to share her sleep struggles, revealing that she is a light sleeper who wakes up at the slightest noise. She humorously recounted her attempts to improve her sleep quality, including using a lavender eye pillow and a white noise machine. She even joked about leaving her leaf blower on to drown out any other sounds and mentioned her fondness for writing poetry in the early morning hours.

The talk show host also shared a hilarious incident involving her new kittens, who disrupted her perfectly arranged bedding by peeing on her down comforter. She quipped about the irony of having a comforter made of down, only for the kittens to mistake it for a litter box.

After entertaining the audience with her sleep anecdotes, Ellen introduced her guests for the episode. First up was Jon Stewart, the host of The Daily Show. Stewart, who had recently won two Emmys, joked about his experience at the awards ceremony and the challenges of carrying the large trophies onto the plane.

Following Stewart was Oliver Hudson, known for his role on the WB’s new show “The Mountain.” Hudson, who had also won an Emmy, shared his experience on a surprise reality show that brought him and his co-star together. They had been blindfolded, driven around, and ended up on stage at the Emmys, completely unaware of what was happening.

Finally, the legendary actress Elaine Stritch joined Ellen on stage. Stritch, another Emmy winner, talked about her show “At Liberty” and entertained the audience with her wit and charm.

Throughout the episode, Ellen kept the atmosphere lively and engaging, showcasing her natural talent for hosting. She engaged with her guests, making them feel comfortable and appreciated. The audience was treated to a delightful mix of humor, entertainment, and interesting conversations.

The Ellen Degeneres Show continues to be a beloved talk show that brings together celebrities, laughter, and interesting stories. Viewers can always expect a delightful and entertaining experience whenever they tune in.

Originally aired on September 21, 2004