The Jonathan Ross Show never fails to disappoint when it comes to bringing together the biggest celebrities in music. In the latest episode, viewers were treated to an all-star lineup, including chart-topping artists such as Bri and Chris. The energy level was through the roof as they reminisced about their music careers and even broke out into an impromptu audition for “The X Factor.”

But it wasn’t just the singing that had everyone on their feet. The banter between the guests and host Jonathan Ross was as entertaining as ever. One particular moment stole the show when Bri jokingly threw a shoe at Chris, sparking laughter from the audience. It was a lighthearted and playful interaction that showcased the fun and camaraderie of the talk show.

As the conversation moved to personal lives, Bri shared her recent experience of moving out of her parents’ house. She humorously described the horror she encountered in her new place, from the overwhelming smell of smoking wet dog to finding a bag of live frogs in the cupboard. It was a relatable and hilarious story that had everyone nodding their heads in sympathy.

Another highlight of the show was when Ed joined the conversation. The friendship between Ed and Bri was evident as they shared stories from their time in lockdown. Ed revealed that he had bought Elton John a unique and personal birthday gift—a specially crafted chessboard made by a stonemason friend. The chessboard, complete with phallic-shaped chess pieces, elicited laughter from the audience and showcased Ed‘s witty sense of humor.

But the entertainment didn’t stop there. The show also featured an incredible performance by Sam Smith, who serenaded the audience with their soulful voice and piano skills. And let’s not forget the fashion segment, where Bri shared her experience attending Paris Fashion Week. She recollected a humorous encounter with a model at the gym, whose intense workout routine and public display of affection with her Italian boyfriend left Bri in awe and amusement.

In conclusion, The Jonathan Ross Show continues to be a must-watch for fans of talk shows and entertainment. With its star-studded lineup, lively banter, and unforgettable moments, this episode proves why it remains a favorite among viewers. Whether it’s the world’s biggest music stars belting out their hits or sharing amusing anecdotes, The Jonathan Ross Show never fails to entertain and delight its audience.

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