A stagehand named Kenny Sheen took the spotlight to review “Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles.” The audience applauded Kenny’s movie review, and everyone expressed their excitement for more installments of this segment. However, Kenny’s performance seemed a little harsh on the eve of Mother’s Day, which left Dave questioning if they had forgotten something.

Moving on to the second letter from Jim Senaro in Huntington Beach, California, the topic of asking his girlfriend of four years to marry him was raised. Dave shared that he had received the letter and flew out to Huntington Beach to coach Jim on what to do when he popped the question. Although Dave mentioned that he wouldn’t make a habit of doing this, he wanted to help Jim build up the courage to ask his girlfriend. The segment ended with Jim successfully proposing, leaving the audience in applause and celebrating their love.

In the final letter of the segment, Ryan asked a peculiar question about how many pingpong balls Dave could fit in his mouth. This led to a previous recording where Dave attempted to answer the question. With Paul’s assistance, Dave managed to fit an astonishing 100 pingpong balls into his mouth, causing a hilarious explosion of laughter from the audience. Although Dave mentioned some discomfort afterward, he assured everyone that he was perfectly fine, leaving them in awe of his astonishing feat.

To wrap up the segment, a viewer named Stacy from Seattle, Washington, inquired about gift ideas for Mother’s Day. Dave turned to CBS announcer Alan Kalter, who claimed to be an expert on the matter. Alan proceeded to share his previous year’s elaborate Mother’s Day celebration, which included arriving at his mother’s doorstep with a dozen red roses, enjoying an exquisite dinner at a fancy restaurant, and finally, dancing the night away at a swanky New York nightclub. The audience was at first thrilled for Alan’s grand gesture, but their enthusiasm quickly turned to shock and disgust when it was revealed to be a fabricated story.

The episode provided viewers with an entertaining mix of movie reviews, heartfelt proposals, outrageous experiments, and an amusing Mother’s Day anecdote. It showcased the unpredictable and lively nature of David Letterman‘s talk show, leaving audiences eagerly anticipating future surprises and memorable moments.