In a recent episode of The Ellen Degeneres Show, talk show host Ellen Degeneres welcomed Lauren Graham and Peter Boyle as her guests. The episode was filled with laughter and lively conversations as the guests shared their experiences and stories.

One of the topics Ellen discussed was how things seem to be getting harder nowadays. She shared a funny anecdote about struggling to open a package with a razor in it and ending up cutting herself on the plastic instead. Ellen humorously expressed her frustration with the increasing difficulty of opening packages these days.

Ellen also joked about the advancements in razor blades and the wide variety of options available, from single blades to razors with multiple blades. She playfully compared the names of male and female razor blades, highlighting the humor in the marketing strategies.

The episode also included a segment where Ellen auctioned off a one-of-a-kind Cabbage Patch doll dressed like her, with the proceeds going to charity. The doll, which was made exclusively for the show, attracted significant attention and bidding.

Lauren Graham, known for her role in the hit show Gilmore Girls, joined Ellen on the couch for a fun and engaging conversation. The two women shared laughs and discussed various topics, including Lauren’s new house and her adorable dog, whom she adopted from a rescue organization.

As the fifth season of The Ellen Degeneres Show continues, fans can expect more entertaining and lighthearted moments from Ellen and her celebrity guests. With each episode bringing laughter and surprises, The Ellen Degeneres Show remains a beloved talk show that never fails to entertain its viewers.

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Originally aired on September 27, 2004