In a recent episode of “Why Won’t You Date Me?” hosted by Nicole Byer, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, known for his role as Mitch Mitchell on Modern Family, sat down for a lively chat on love, dating, and theater. The episode, which aired on talk show “Conan O’Brien,” was filled with humorous anecdotes and insightful conversations.

Ferguson shared how he met his husband, Justin, at a gym in West Hollywood. Justin was studying for the bar exam at the time and was passionate about fighting for marriage equality. This common interest sparked their connection, although Ferguson initially thought Justin’s intentions were unclear. After finding each other on social media and reconnecting months later, they started dating.

As Modern Family gained popularity, Ferguson admitted that he received attention from people in his DMs, but he was glad he didn’t wait to start dating Justin. While he didn’t delve into using dating apps himself, he did humorously mention trying out Grindr when it was still a new concept.

The conversation took a humorous turn as Ferguson and Byer discussed their experiences with chat rooms during their younger years. Ferguson revealed that he used to stir up debates in theater chat rooms, defending his own talent and engaging in playful arguments about himself with other users.

Later on, Ferguson shared the unconventional story of his marriage proposal to Justin during a vacation in Mexico. He had bought a Rolex watch as an engagement gift, which proved difficult to hide during their trip. Eventually, he handed the watch to Justin in a less-than-romantic manner, relieving himself of the added stress of carrying it around.

Reflecting on his own experience, Ferguson expressed empathy for the challenges of modern dating. He acknowledged the difficulties of meeting people and navigating dating apps. Byer revealed that as a popular entertainer, she sometimes faced the dilemma of when and how to disclose her identity to potential partners.

As the conversation continued, Ferguson also shared that their decision to have children was unplanned. It was discussed early on in their relationship, and after waiting for five years, they felt ready to start a family.

Overall, the episode provided a glimpse into Ferguson’s personal life and offered entertaining anecdotes about love and dating. With its mix of humor and genuine moments, this talk show episode featuring Jesse Tyler Ferguson on “Why Won’t You Date Me?” with Nicole Byer was a delightful and enlightening watch for fans of the actor and the show.