Scarlett Johansson made an appearance on the beloved talk show “Letterman”, hosted by the charismatic David Letterman. The episode aired on [Air Date]. During the interview, Scarlett Johansson discussed her latest film “Hitchcock” where she plays a character in the life of the iconic director, Alfred Hitchcock.

Scarlett expressed her admiration for Hitchcock’s work, mentioning that she had seen many of his movies, thanks to her mother being a big fan. She also highlighted the joy she felt in being able to portray the making of a film during that particular period and being on the Paramount lot, where Hitchcock had created his masterpieces.

David Letterman pointed out that while Hitchcock had received a Lifetime Achievement Award, he had never won an Academy Award for directing a single film, despite his incredible body of work. Scarlett agreed, saying that perhaps it was better not to have the looming pressure, and instead, receive recognition for his entire contribution to the industry.

Discussing Hitchcock’s personality, Scarlett mentioned the anecdotes she had heard about him being not just a genius but also at times displaying a more monstrous side. She mentioned the infamous incident of Hitchcock throwing live birds at Tippi Hedren and acknowledged that such behavior was not funny but rather disturbing.

David Letterman also asked Scarlett about her experiences working with Janet Leigh’s daughter, Jamie Lee Curtis, whom she portrays in the film. Scarlett admitted that it felt strange to play the role of someone’s mother. She emphasized the importance of finding the essence of a character rather than simply imitating or mimicking their mannerisms.

Towards the end of the interview, Scarlett Johansson revealed her tattoos to David Letterman. She showed him a tattoo of a rising or setting sun on her forearm, explaining that the direction depends on how you view it. She also mentioned having other tattoos, including one on her ankle that holds personal significance.

Aside from discussing her role in “Hitchcock,” the conversation also touched upon Scarlett’s upcoming Broadway appearance in “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.” She shared her excitement about returning to theater and spoke about the differences between acting for the stage and acting for film.

Throughout the interview, Scarlett Johansson‘s vibrant and engaging personality shone through, making it an entertaining and enjoyable conversation on the “Letterman” talk show. The episode is a must-watch for all fans of Scarlett Johansson and those interested in the life and career of Alfred Hitchcock.