The Graham Norton Show has always been a platform for celebrities to let loose and share some hilarious stories, but the reaction to Johnny Knoxville‘s latest appearance took things to a whole new level. The talk show, known for its lively atmosphere and entertaining interviews, had everyone on the edge of their seats as Knoxville revealed an epic moment from his past.

During the show, Knoxville sat down with Graham Norton and shared a transcript from his early dancing career. He explained how he was part of a Canadian Star Search competition and made it to the finals, where his main competition was a pair of tap-dancing twins. The twins, who were dancers to Phil Collins’ “Two Hearts,” seemed unbeatable.

As Knoxville got ready to perform, he noticed the twins standing offstage, pointing at him in a menacing manner. Determined not to let them intimidate him, Knoxville gave it his all and danced his way to victory, taking home the tiny little trophy. What made his win even more remarkable was the fact that he was the only boy in the all-girl dance troop. The gimmick was that having a male dancer ensured a win in the competition.

But the hilarity didn’t stop there. Graham Norton proceeded to show a video clip of Ryan Gosling‘s early dancing days. Gosling, who was part of the Elite Dance Studio, performed a dance routine to Kathy Dennis’s “Touch Me” with his fellow troop members. The performance featured some memorable fashion choices, including purple and silver hammer pants.

The talk show also featured other funny and lighthearted moments. Sarah Pascoe shared her experience of receiving fan art, and Tom Hiddleston discussed the unique fan interpretations of a scene from the first Thor movie. Meanwhile, the Irish rowing team, Gary and Paul O’Donovan, were welcomed back with open arms after winning silver medals at the Olympics. The skit showcased their humorous and down-to-earth personalities.

One of the most unforgettable moments on The Graham Norton Show was the infamous mix-up at the Oscars. As Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway announced the wrong winner for Best Picture, chaos ensued. The audience was captivated as the confusion unfolded, and eventually, the mistake was corrected. Meryl Streep, who was on stage during the mix-up, remained composed, while Graham Norton, who was in the audience, admitted later that he was ready to spring onto the stage and defend Streep if necessary.

With its entertaining guests and unpredictable moments, The Graham Norton Show continues to captivate audiences time and time again. From hilarious dance routines and fan art discussions to Oscar mishaps, the talk show never fails to deliver a lively and entertaining experience. Fans of the show can always expect the unexpected, making it a must-watch for any lover of chat shows.