Leah Remini made a hilarious appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show, where she shared some funny anecdotes about her pregnancy and childbirth experience. In her usual witty style, Leah didn’t hold back as she talked about the ups and downs of being pregnant and the fear of childbirth.

Leah’s mother was also in the audience, and they shared a cute moment on the show. Ellen pointed out the mother-daughter connection, and Leah’s mom seemed a bit guarded. Leah jokingly commented on her mother’s attitude, bringing a lighthearted tone to the conversation.

As the conversation moved on to Leah’s pregnancy, she admitted that it wasn’t a pleasant experience for her. While some people may enjoy being pregnant, Leah was honest about not loving it. She candidly expressed her feelings about the physical changes, jokingly comparing herself to Shrek. It seems like the pregnancy glow wasn’t exactly shining on Leah!

When it came to childbirth, Leah wasn’t scared of the process itself but had other concerns. She mentioned being worried about the possibility of going into labor prematurely without having shaved. Though she laughed as she shared this cleanliness concern, it was clear that she didn’t want anyone secretly judging her. After all, giving birth is a vulnerable experience, and one’s personal appearance during that time shouldn’t be the focus.

Leah also mentioned watching birth videos and losing sympathy for some of the screaming women. She couldn’t help but think they deserved it if they hadn’t shaved. Ellen and the audience roared with laughter at Leah’s hilarious take on the situation. It’s clear that Leah has a knack for finding humor even in the craziest moments.

As they continued the conversation, Leah mentioned that her labor lasted approximately 24 hours but the actual pushing only took an hour. She expressed her desire to have her baby as quickly as possible and eagerly awaited the moment to finally hold her child in her arms.

Throughout the interview, Leah’s sense of humor and sarcasm shone through. She effortlessly entertained the audience with her stories and made everyone laugh along with her. It’s amazing to see how she can turn even the most challenging experiences into comedy gold.

Leah’s appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show was a delightful and hilarious ride. From talking about her pregnancy struggles to sharing her cleanliness concerns during childbirth, Leah had the audience in stitches. Her witty banter with Ellen kept the conversation lively and engaging, making it a memorable episode of the popular talk show.

It’s no surprise that celebrities like Leah Remini always make for entertaining guests on talk shows like The Ellen Degeneres Show. Their candidness and ability to find humor in everyday situations make for enjoyable viewing. And with a host like Ellen Degeneres, known for her own comedic flair, the combination is unbeatable.

So, the next time you’re in need of a good laugh, make sure to catch up on The Ellen Degeneres Show, especially the episodes featuring celebrities like Leah Remini. Their hilarious anecdotes and fun-filled conversations are guaranteed to brighten up your day and leave you wanting more.

Originally aired on October 5, 2004