In a recent episode of the talk show, “The David Letterman Show,” host David Letterman had a lively and entertaining segment called “Super Trump Or Monkey.” The transcript of the segment reveals the fun and excitement of the game and the interaction between Letterman and the contestant, Jenny Ford.

Jenny Ford, a musical theater performer from Canada, joined the show as a contestant in the game. Letterman jokingly mentioned that her name sounded familiar, referencing Jenny Craig and Betty Ford. The conversation continued as they discussed her Canadian roots and her current work in musical theater.

As the game began, Letterman explained the rules to Jenny and the audience. The goal was to correctly identify whether a picture shown on the game board was of Donald Trump or a monkey. With a prize of a trip to Acapulco on the line, the excitement was high.

The clock started ticking, and Jenny carefully examined each picture. The audience eagerly awaited her decision. After much contemplation, she confidently chose a picture, stating that it was Donald Trump. The tension in the room grew as Letterman revealed the picture’s identity.

To everyone’s surprise, the picture turned out to be that of a monkey. Despite not winning the grand prize, Jenny took the disappointment in stride.

In a later segment, it was revealed that Jenny had actually won the trip to Acapulco in a previous game of “Trump or Monkey.” This unexpected twist made for an amusing and memorable moment on the show.

Following her trip to Acapulco, Jenny returned to the show and shared photographs of her time there. From breathtaking views of the ocean from her balcony to the activities at the resort, the pictures showcased a fun and relaxing vacation. Jenny even met a friend from Argentina and played beach volleyball with her.

Continuing the game, Letterman presented Jenny with the opportunity to win yet another prize in “Super Trump or Monkey.” This time, it was a citrus juicer. With six photos to choose from, Jenny carefully considered each one, hoping to spot Donald Trump.

After much thought, she made her final decision and confidently turned over the picture, revealing that she had indeed chosen Donald Trump. The crowd erupted in applause as Jenny celebrated her victory.

While Jenny may have become a frequent winner on the show, Letterman playfully suggested that someone should investigate her winning streak. This humorous comment added to the light-hearted nature of the segment and kept the audience entertained.

Overall, the segment showcased the joyful atmosphere and humorous banter that viewers have come to expect from “The David Letterman Show.” With its entertaining games and lively interactions, this talk show continues to captivate audiences and leave them eagerly awaiting each new episode.