In a recent episode of Conan O’Brien‘s talk show, “Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend,” Ron Howard made a guest appearance. The conversation between the two was filled with banter and playful ribbing, making for an entertaining and lively segment.

Ron Howard, while introducing himself on the show, humorously expressed his indifference about being O’Brien’s friend. Despite Howard’s reputation for being the nicest guy in Hollywood, he was quick to point out that he could take or leave his friendship. O’Brien, on the other hand, expressed his surprise and appreciation that Howard showed up, considering his level of success.

The conversation took a nostalgic turn as they reminisced about their early days on television. Howard recounted a bit they did on the show in which O’Brien pretended to saw off his arm. The audience loved it, but some viewers wrote in with complaints, not realizing it was all part of the comedic act.

The conversation then shifted to a more personal note, as Howard shared a funny anecdote about attending an event and feeling out of place. He found comfort in engaging in an intense conversation with O’Brien about sunblock and the challenges of being a redhead. It turns out both of their wives have red hair as well, leading to a lively discussion about the struggles of sun exposure and protecting their fair skin.

As the conversation continued, O’Brien brought up Howard’s daughter, Bryce Dallas Howard, who had previously appeared on his show. O’Brien recalled a moment of tension when Bryce announced that she would cry on demand during her interview. Despite having seen her cry on cue before, Howard was still on the edge of his seat, anxiously waiting for his daughter’s emotional display.

Howard also shared a heartwarming story about Bryce’s first professional job on Broadway. Despite being sick with a fever, she managed to deliver a powerful performance, shedding genuine tears during an emotionally charged scene. However, Howard amusingly mentioned that his wife, Cheryl, was less impressed, as she had seen Bryce cry on stage countless times during her teenage years.

Overall, the episode was filled with laughter, nostalgia, and personal anecdotes, making it a must-watch for fans of Conan O’Brien and Ron Howard. Their chemistry and comedic timing made for an entertaining segment that showcased their genuine friendship.

Be sure to catch the full episode for a delightful mix of laughter and heartfelt moments.