Fans of “The Ellen Degeneres Show” were in for a treat when Jimmy Fallon and Kyra Sedgwick appeared as guests on a recent episode. The talk show, known for its lively and entertaining segments, did not disappoint with this star-studded lineup.

As always, Ellen Degeneres brought her signature energy and humor to the stage, thanking the audience for being there and expressing her gratitude for having such a great job. She mentioned her love for entertaining and making people laugh, comparing herself to animals that also put on a show to attract attention.

Ellen revealed some interesting facts she learned about animals from watching Animal Planet. She shared how certain animals go through incredible transformations in their lives, such as the caterpillar turning into a butterfly or fish changing their colors to blend into their surroundings. She even mentioned the fascinating ability of parrot fish to change their sex.

But the most mind-blowing revelation came when Ellen talked about flounders. These flat fish start their lives swimming like us, with their bellies to the bottom of the ocean. As they grow older, they become round and flattened, swimming on their sides. But what truly amazed Ellen was the fact that flounders have the ability to pop one eye out of its socket and move it to the other side so they can have both eyes looking up. It’s a spectacular adaptation that left Ellen and the audience in awe.

After Ellen’s monologue, she proceeded to talk about some fun interactions with the audience. She shared how she loves to insert herself into people’s photos and videos through the show’s green screen technology. This allows people to include Ellen in their holiday greeting cards or any other visual content, as long as they leave room for her.

Ellen then discussed some invitations she received from viewers. One person invited her to their boat’s christening, another invited her to a clogging workshop, and others invited her to join their backyard haunted house. Ellen expressed her excitement about these invitations and entertained the idea of attending some of these events.

Next, Ellen welcomed the first guest of the show, Jimmy Fallon. Jimmy, well-known for his time on “Saturday Night Live,” discussed his new film “Taxi” with Queen Latifah. The audience was thrilled to see the comedic chemistry between Jimmy and Ellen, as they reminisced about their time together on “Saturday Night Live.” Jimmy showcased his talent for impersonations, highlighting his Adam Sandler and Jerry Seinfeld impressions.

The conversation turned to Jimmy’s encounter with Pat O’Brien on a private jet, where they spent hours together. Jimmy humorously impersonated Pat O’Brien’s animated persona and shared funny anecdotes from their flight.

Jimmy also expressed his admiration for Queen Latifah, describing her as funny, generous, and someone he would do anything with. He had a great time working with her on “Taxi” and expressed his desire to collaborate with her again in the future.

The episode showcased the charm and comedic prowess of both Jimmy Fallon and Kyra Sedgwick. The lively banter between Jimmy and Ellen kept the audience entertained throughout the entire show. It was another exciting installment of “The Ellen Degeneres Show” that left fans wanting more.

Originally aired on October 13, 2004