In an electrifying episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Noah Lyles, the fastest man in the world, revealed his aspirations to make Olympic history and surpass the legendary Usain Bolt. Lyles, who recently earned the title of the fastest man in the world at the 2023 World Championships, shared his excitement about being at the top of the sprinting world.

When asked about his speed, Lyles provided some mind-boggling numbers. He mentioned running at a staggering speed of 26 miles per hour, jokingly warning Fallon that he would receive a ticket if he were to run in a school zone at that pace. Lyles explained that sprinters don’t start at 26 miles per hour, but they have to be pretty close to it. The explosive power and readiness to sprint at a moment’s notice set them apart from others.

Lyles also shared that his journey into track and field wasn’t initially influenced by his parents, who were both runners. In fact, when they tried to introduce him and his brother to track at a young age, his brother outright rejected the idea, saying, “You’re not my daddy!” However, their perspective changed when they witnessed the 2012 Olympics opening ceremonies while participating in the Junior Olympics. Watching the inspiring performances, they realized that making the Olympics was an attainable dream.

Making the Olympics, however, required immense dedication and hard work. Lyles recalled narrowly missing out on a spot in the 2016 Olympics as an alternate, but that setback only fueled his determination to achieve greatness. When asked about his goals, Lyles confidently stated that he wants to come home with not one, but four gold medals, a feat that has never been accomplished before.

Lyles explained that winning four gold medals would solidify his position as not just a champion but as the greatest of all time, surpassing the achievements of Usain Bolt himself. He cited Bolt’s three gold medals and world records as the targets to beat. Lyles’ ambition to break records and leave an indelible mark on the sport is what propels him to strive for greatness.

To give viewers insight into the intense training and preparation required for the Olympics, Fallon mentioned a new docu-series on Netflix called “Sprint” that follows athletes as they prepare to compete. Lyles acknowledged that his life is a delicate balance between rigorous training and enjoying moments like appearing on The Tonight Show.

The episode concluded with a clip of Usain Bolt talking about Lyles in “Sprint.” Bolt praised Lyles’ energy, mental strength, and self-belief, but jokingly remarked that he wouldn’t be happy if Lyles broke his world record. Nevertheless, Lyles has always believed that the title of the fastest man in the world belongs to him, and he is determined to prove it.

As fans eagerly anticipate the U.S. Olympic Team trials, where Lyles will compete for a spot on the Olympic team, his passion and drive serve as an inspiration to athletes and fans worldwide. Noah Lyles has his sights set on not just making history, but surpassing it, and we can’t help but root for him every step of the way.

Don’t miss the U.S. Olympic Team trials, starting this Saturday on NBC and Peacock, to witness Noah Lyles‘ incredible journey as he strives to achieve his Olympic dreams.