In a recent episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, actor Jude Law revealed an incredible and unexpected encounter with iconic musician Sir Paul McCartney. Law, known for his roles in films like Sherlock Holmes and The Talented Mr. Ripley, was on the show to discuss his new film Firebrand. However, before diving into the details about the movie, Colbert was eager to hear about the story involving McCartney.

Law explained that he has known McCartney’s daughter, Stella, for many years. While Law was in Australia preparing to film a movie, he ran into Stella and she invited him to attend her father’s concert. Law happily agreed and they made their way to the show.

At the concert, Law and Stella had the opportunity to meet McCartney backstage before the performance. It was during this encounter that McCartney dropped a surprising bombshell on Law. McCartney informed Law that he would be performing the legendary song “Hey Jude” and that he would dedicate it to him. Law was taken aback and couldn’t believe that McCartney would actually follow through with the dedication.

Being named Jude, Law has had his fair share of jokes and teasing throughout his life. Growing up in southeast London during the 70s, where the name Jude was not as common as names like Kevin or Barry, Law often faced some friendly banter. So, the dedication from McCartney held an even deeper significance for Law.

When the moment finally came during the concert, Law couldn’t help but become emotional. The cameras even caught Law’s reactions, displaying his genuine surprise and joy. Law admitted that he almost cried during the performance, as it was a truly unforgettable experience.

After sharing this extraordinary anecdote, Law and Colbert turned their attention to Law’s latest film, Firebrand. Law plays the role of Henry VII in the historical drama, a character known for his complex and tragic life. Law discussed the challenge of portraying a figure who was once adored and celebrated but eventually found himself burdened by tragedy and remorse.

The film focuses on the relationship between Henry VII and his last wife, Katherine Parr, played by Alysa Vanda. Katherine Parr, often overlooked in history, had a profound influence on Henry’s children, including Elizabeth and Mary, who would later become queens themselves. Law emphasized the importance of showcasing Katherine Parr’s untold story and the strength she displayed while dealing with a mercurial and manipulative husband.

As the interview wrapped up, Law thanked Colbert for having him on the show and expressed his appreciation for the opportunity to share both the extraordinary McCartney concert experience and the upcoming film project with the audience.

Law’s story about his encounter with Sir Paul McCartney is a reminder that even celebrities can have awe-inspiring moments with their idols. It’s rare to witness such genuine surprise and delight from someone who is usually in the spotlight themselves. Law’s emotional reaction to McCartney’s dedication showcases the transformative power of music and the impact that even a simple gesture can have on someone’s life.