Fans of “The Graham Norton Show” were in for a treat during a recent episode when legendary actor Eugene Levy made an appearance. Levy, known for his role as Jim’s dad in the iconic film “American Pie,” opened up about almost rejecting the offer to appear in the movie.

When asked about his initial reaction to the script, Levy admitted that he was hesitant to take on the role. He mentioned specific scenes in the script that made him question whether he wanted to be a part of the movie. Despite not liking the way his character was written, Levy was allowed to improvise and make changes before committing to the project.

Levy’s portrayal of Jim’s dad in “American Pie” struck a chord with audiences. Rather than playing a cool, hip dad trying to be friends with his son, Levy wanted his character to be more relatable as a square dad attempting to do the right thing.

During the interview, Levy was joined by other guests on the show, including Will Smith, Jaden Smith, and Mark Ruffalo. As the conversation continued, it became evident that Levy’s sentimental and emotional side extends beyond the big screen. He admitted to being moved to tears by films such as “The Parent Trap” and even revealed that “Shrek” makes him cry.

Will Smith, who shared the screen with Levy in the film “Pursuit of Happyness,” chimed in about the emotional side of aging. Smith confessed that he, too, has become more emotional as he gets older, and even Disney films can make him shed a tear.

The discussion then shifted to Jaden Smith‘s acting career and his role in the Smith family’s sci-fi adventure film, “After Earth.” Will Smith explained that the movie is not just a sci-fi action adventure but also a heartwarming father-son story. The dynamic between the two characters adds depth to the film, making it more than just a popcorn movie.

During the light-hearted conversation, Will Smith recalled training Jaden to be a movie star, jokingly mentioning a special movie star run. The audience erupted in laughter at their playful banter.

As the interview came to a close, Graham Norton surprised one lucky audience member named Joe. Joe had been Eugene Levy‘s first-ever fan, having sent him a fan letter almost 30 years ago. She even brought the letter to the show. Norton offered Joe the chance to have Levy leave her an answer phone greeting, which she gladly accepted.

Levy humorously fumbled through the process, struggling to navigate the phone menu and record the greeting. Eventually, he successfully left a funny and memorable message, promising to find the person calling if they didn’t let his daughter go.

The episode ended on a lighthearted note, with Alan Davis, another guest on the show, leaving his own hilarious message on Joe’s voicemail.

Fans of “The Graham Norton Show” were treated to a delightful and entertaining interview with Eugene Levy. With anecdotes about his role in “American Pie” and his emotional side, Levy captivated the audience with his charm and humor. The episode was a perfect blend of laughter and heartfelt moments, showcasing the talent and personality of the guests on the show.