Chris Pratt‘s appearance on “The Ellen Degeneres Show” was as lively and entertaining as ever. The transcript of the interview showcases Pratt’s playful and charming personality, making it one of the best moments on the show. From playing the hilarious game “Speak Out” to discussing his recent engagement, Pratt kept the audience entertained throughout the segment.

The interview started with a hilarious game of “Speak Out,” where Pratt had to read cards with a mouthpiece, leaving Ellen to decipher what he was saying. The game had the audience in stitches as Pratt struggled to make himself understood. His comedic timing and infectious laughter made it a memorable moment.

Moving on, the conversation shifted to Pratt’s engagement. Ellen congratulated him and praised his successful year, with multiple blockbuster movies under his belt. Pratt humbly acknowledged the achievements, expressing gratitude for the opportunities he has received.

The topic then turned to Chris Pratt‘s not winning the title of “Sexiest Chris” in Hollywood, losing out to Chris Hemsworth. While he admitted it was an honor to be nominated, Pratt couldn’t help but playfully acknowledge Hemsworth’s good looks. The banter between the two Chrises added an extra layer of humor to the interview.

The discussion continued with a trip down memory lane, as Pratt shared a childhood photo and reminisced about his early years. The adorable picture showed a young Pratt with a big smile, and he chuckled as he remembered the tiny boots he was wearing. This candid moment allowed viewers to see a more personal side of the beloved actor.

Next, Ellen introduced a fun game called “Pitch Please,” where Pratt had to sell imaginary products like a pro. Pratt’s improvisation skills were on full display as he convincingly promoted each item with enthusiasm and wit.

As the interview progressed, topics ranged from Pratt’s love for animals, including his beloved pet pigs, to his reflections on turning 40. Pratt’s humor and relaxed demeanor made for an engaging conversation, leaving the audience entertained and wanting more.

Overall, Chris Pratt‘s appearance on “The Ellen Degeneres Show” was a delightful and lively segment. From playful games to heartfelt conversations, Pratt’s charm and humor shone through, making it one of the best moments on the talk show. His ability to entertain and connect with the audience truly showcased why he is one of Hollywood’s most beloved celebrities.