In a recent episode of Alan Carr: Chatty Man, superstar Taylor Swift made an appearance and brought her signature charm and humor to the show. The interview began with Alan Carr mentioning that he had just received a blown kiss from a lad, to which Taylor jokingly asked, “Are you having it?” The conversation smoothly transitioned to Taylor’s love for cider, which she humorously admitted she heard was a delicacy in Britain.

Alan Carr continued to engage Taylor Swift with his witty banter, revealing that her New York apartment was previously owned by Sir Ian McKellen and sharing a funny story about how Taylor stumbled upon the apartment. She had been trying to get a showing for a while until she finally got to see it, only to find Sir Ian McKellen sitting at the kitchen counter, in his pajamas no less. It was a hilarious surprise for Taylor.

To show her appreciation for Taylor’s love of antiques, Alan gifted her with a beautiful antique piece he found at a car boot sale. Taylor graciously accepted the gift and expressed her desire to keep it close to her so no one else can take it. The conversation flowed effortlessly as they discussed various topics, including Taylor’s new album, 1989, which she was excited about but also apprehensive due to her fear of leaks and technology.

As the interview progressed, Taylor shared stories about organizing secret sessions for her fans, where she invited them to her house to listen to her album before its release. She also humorously mentioned how her dad loves to photobomb people, even going as far as doing it at her concerts.

In true Alan Carr: Chatty Man fashion, the interview was filled with laughter and light-hearted moments as the two joked about Taylor’s cats, her parents’ excitement about attending events, and even attempted some dance moves. Taylor performed her hit single “Shake It Off” with her usual enthusiasm and energy, leaving the audience wanting more.

Taylor Swift‘s appearance on Alan Carr: Chatty Man was a delightful mix of fun and entertainment. Her infectious personality and Alan Carr‘s comedic timing made for an entertaining chat show that left fans eagerly waiting for more from both Taylor Swift and the show itself.