Mathew Horne was recently featured in a full interview on the popular talk show, “Alan Carr: Chatty Man.” In the interview, Horne shared some interesting stories and insights about his life and career.

One of the highlights of the interview was when Horne and Carr discussed their drink preferences. When asked what he would like to drink, Horne jokingly requested a Campari, which turned out to be his favorite. Carr was surprised to discover that they actually had Campari in the studio and promptly made them Campari and soda cocktails. Horne, however, found the drink disgusting and politely declined. The light-hearted banter between the two celebrities added an entertaining element to the interview.

During the interview, Carr also brought up an incident where Horne accidentally almost hit him with his car in Trafalgar Square. Horne explained that he was in a hurry and Carr happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Despite the near mishap, both celebrities have a good-natured friendship and find humor in the situation.

Moving on to Horne’s career, Carr asked him about his involvement in the children’s series “Horrid Henry.” Horne explained that he didn’t have much knowledge about the series initially, as he doesn’t have kids and doesn’t spend much time around them. However, he embraced the opportunity to work on the live-action version of the show and even found himself slightly broody, considering having children in the future.

Carr also asked Horne about his friend James Corden, who recently became a father. Horne admitted that he hadn’t met Corden’s son yet but looked forward to it. He also mentioned that Corden had asked him to be the best man at his upcoming wedding, although Horne wasn’t sure if Corden had made a final decision yet.

As the interview progressed, Carr and Horne delved into lighter topics such as music and love life. It was revealed that Horne enjoys DJing as a hobby. When asked about his type, he humorously mentioned being attracted to “elfin” women. Carr playfully teased Horne about this unusual preference, stating that he should be on a register. The lighthearted banter between the two celebrities made for an entertaining segment.

Towards the end of the interview, Carr brought up popular television series “Gavin and Stacey,” in which Horne starred. Although there won’t be a new series, Horne hinted that there may be something special coming up in the future, sparking excitement among fans of the show.

Overall, Mathew Horne‘s interview on “Alan Carr: Chatty Man” was a lively and engaging conversation filled with humor, personal anecdotes, and interesting insights into his career and personal life. Fans of the talk show and Horne’s work were treated to a delightful and entertaining segment.