Ant and Dec, the dynamic duo of British television, recently made an appearance on Alan Carr: Chatty Man, and their hilarious banter did not disappoint. The talk show, known for its lighthearted and entertaining interviews, provided the perfect platform for Ant and Dec to share some of their most memorable moments.

During the chat, the conversation took a playful turn as Alan Carr, the host, asked the inseparable pair if they actually like being around each other. Ant and Dec responded with a resounding “yes,” explaining that they have been friends since they were 13 years old. They even joked about showing up at unexpected places, like each other’s honeymoons.

As the conversation continued, Carr couldn’t resist asking about Simon Cowell and what he whispers to the judges during Britain’s Got Talent. Ant and Dec revealed that they have a little speaker where they can listen in on the conversations, and the things they hear are fascinating. They even shared an amusing anecdote about Cowell’s love for robots and cartoons.

The duo also talked about their early days in the industry, revealing that they were originally written out of a TV show but remained friends. They shared stories of their misadventures, like Ant going blind temporarily and Dec taking it hard. Despite the ups and downs, their friendship has remained strong for over 20 years.

In true Ant and Dec fashion, they shared a funny story about living near each other. At one point, they bought houses two doors apart, but as life carried on, they ended up further apart. Ant having a quirky sense of humor, bought a house three doors away from Dec. They found it amusing that their neighbors must think it’s strange to have Ant and Dec houses on the same street.

As the interview drew to a close, Carr asked about the longest time they’ve been apart. Ant and Dec revealed that it’s usually during holidays or when they visit their families, and it’s never intentional. They genuinely enjoy each other’s company and often socialize and hang out outside of work. They emphasized that despite the common misconception, they truly get along.

To add a comical twist to the conversation, Carr asked the hypothetical question of what would happen if one of them were to die. Ant humorously mentioned that they have actually insured each other, so if anything were to happen, the surviving friend would be “quids in.” While it may sound morbid, they approached it light-heartedly, highlighting their close bond and unique sense of humor.

The appearance of Ant and Dec on Alan Carr: Chatty Man was filled with laughs and heartwarming moments. Their chemistry and genuine friendship were evident throughout the interview, making it clear why they are beloved by audiences. From funny stories about Simon Cowell to tales of their own adventures, this talk show appearance was truly entertaining. It’s no wonder why Ant and Dec continue to be fan favorites on British television.