In a recent episode of Alan Carr: Chatty Man, actress Michelle Keegan made an appearance to discuss her time on Coronation Street and her new role in the show Ordinary Lies. The audience erupted in applause as Michelle joined Alan on the talk show set.

Michelle, looking gorgeous after her recent holiday, started off the interview by admitting that she was excited to be there. Alan Carr, always the attentive host, immediately offered her a drink, presenting her with a keg of beer, vodka, and peach schnapps. Michelle complimented Alan on his tan and reminiscenced about her own holiday.

For those who may not know, Michelle Keegan is best known for her role as Tina McIntyre on Coronation Street, where she was involved in numerous dramatic storylines. Alan entertained the audience by hilariously recapping Tina’s tumultuous journey on the show, from her affair with David to her decision to keep her baby, Joe.

Deciding to leave Coronation Street was not an easy decision for Michelle. As she explained to Alan, it took her a few years to make up her mind, but she didn’t want to look back and wonder what could have been if she stayed on the show. And despite the fate of her character, Tina, Michelle believes that killing her off was a fantastic storyline.

Since leaving Coronation Street, Michelle has landed her first starring role in Ordinary Lies on the BBC. In the show, her character, Tracy, gets involved in drug smuggling, and as Michelle revealed, things definitely don’t go as planned.

The interview took a hilarious turn when Alan joked about pulling sickies on the job. Michelle playfully responded by saying that she never really had to fake being sick on Coronation Street, as the job itself was demanding enough. The conversation then moved on to bizarre excuses people make for taking time off work, with Michelle sharing a particularly funny one involving her grandma.

As the interview continued, Michelle opened up about her upcoming wedding to Mark. Contrary to the rumors, she clarified that she didn’t ask Ed Sheeran to sing at their wedding, although Mark did try to make it happen. Unfortunately, Ed Sheeran’s tour schedule clashed with their big day.

However, Alan Carr being the host known for making dreams come true, surprised Michelle with a recorded message from Ed Sheeran himself, sending his well-wishes to the happy couple. The audience erupted in applause as Michelle watched the heartfelt message.

With her new show and wedding preparations, Michelle Keegan has indeed been keeping busy. But she continues to charm audiences with her talent and down-to-earth personality. Don’t miss her in Ordinary Lies, airing on Tuesday nights at 9 o’clock. It’s sure to be another fantastic performance from this talented actress.