Reese Witherspoon made her first appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2004, and it was a delightful and hilarious segment. The talk show host and the actress hit it off right from the start, with Reese bringing Ellen a box of cookies as a gesture of southern hospitality.

As they chatted, Reese revealed that she was also from the South, specifically Louisiana, and was born in the same hospital as Ellen. The two instantly bonded over their shared Southern roots. Reese explained that she brought the cookies to celebrate the end of bikini season, although she jokingly admitted she probably shouldn’t have indulged while trying to fit into a bathing suit.

Ellen couldn’t help but compliment Reese’s figure, noting that she didn’t look like she had two children. Reese humbly accepted the compliment and laughed it off, saying she hadn’t worn a bikini since she was 10.

The conversation took a funny turn when Reese questioned the authenticity of the cookies she brought. Ellen assured her they were real and encouraged her to try one. Reese, worried about getting chocolate on her white shoes, hesitantly took a bite and instantly declared the cookie delicious.

The conversation then drifted to monogrammed napkins, a typical southern tradition that Reese mentioned. Ellen, amused by the idea, admitted she didn’t have any monogrammed napkins. This prompted Reese to playfully tease Ellen about missing out on this southern tradition.

The pair continued to discuss various topics, including Reese’s middle name (Laura) and her affinity for monogrammed towels. Reese revealed that she started buying monogrammed towels as soon as she got married, as she had always wanted them while growing up but couldn’t afford them.

As the segment progressed, they talked about exercise routines. Reese mentioned that she used to work out at the gym where they first met but now prefers running in her neighborhood. She admitted to being embarrassed when people took pictures of her while she was out running.

Ellen couldn’t resist mentioning a picture she had seen of Reese with her husband, Ryan. However, she mistakenly referred to Ryan as Rees. They shared a laugh over the mix-up, clarifying that Ryan’s name is actually Ryan Phillippe.

Reese explained that her dark hair was for a role in the movie “Walk the Line,” where she portrayed Johnny Cash’s wife, June Carter Cash. She expressed her excitement about the film and mentioned that Shelby Lynne played Johnny’s mother in the movie.

The interview concluded with Ellen praising Reese for her performance in the film and commending her for looking beautiful on the cover of Vanity Fair. Reese gracefully accepted the compliments and thanked Ellen for having her on the show.

Overall, Reese Witherspoon‘s first appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2004 was filled with lighthearted banter, Southern charm, and delightful moments. The actress showcased her wit and humor, leaving both Ellen and the audience thoroughly entertained.

To watch the full segment, tune in to the episode from July 9, 2004, and witness Reese Witherspoon‘s infectious personality on display.

Originally aired on September 7, 2004