As the conversation continued, Paul shared entertaining stories about his love for absinthe, his experiences waking up in skips, and his affinity for wearing women’s knickers. The audience couldn’t help but laugh as Paul effortlessly stole the show with his wit and charm.

But the surprises didn’t end there. Alan Carr asked Paul about his upcoming show, The Paul O’Grady Show, and Paul expressed his excitement for human company after spending so much time with animals. He jokingly mentioned that he wouldn’t mind drinking with Alan and then running amok through the audience. The audience erupted with laughter, knowing full well that a night with Paul O’Grady is bound to be filled with fun and unpredictability.

The conversation then turned to the topic of rivalry, specifically with fellow talk show host, Alan Titchmarsh. Paul didn’t hold back and compared their relationship to the iconic feud between 2Pac and Biggie Smalls. He playfully mentioned how Alan Titchmarsh would often copy the ideas from his show, much to Paul’s amusement.

As the interview progressed, Paul shared his thoughts on having celebrity guests on his show and how his preference lies with ordinary people like those from his hometown. He made a good point that he would rather have someone from the local pub rather than someone obsessed with their own fame and plastic surgery.

The conversation then took a hilarious turn when Alan Carr mentioned that he would be a guest on Paul’s show the following week. Paul couldn’t help but make a cheeky comment about Alan and Cliff Richard being good mates and potentially getting up to some mischief during the episode. The audience erupted with laughter once again, knowing that Paul and Alan together will undoubtedly result in an entertaining and unforgettable show.

Throughout the interview, Paul O’Grady‘s quick wit and infectious personality kept the audience engaged and entertained. He even revealed a humorous anecdote about his close friend, Cilla Black, and a rumor that she sunbathes topless. Paul quickly squashed the rumor, stating that he has never seen it happen. He spoke fondly of Cilla, emphasizing their close bond and friendship.

The interview eventually touched on Paul O’Grady‘s tremendous love for dogs, particularly his show, For the Love of Dogs. Paul admitted that the series can be an emotional roller coaster, making it difficult for him to watch at times. However, he shared the exciting news that the show would be back for Christmas, much to the delight of dog lovers everywhere.

The conversation ended on a humorous note as Paul revealed the bizarre incident of his phone being eaten by his pet pig. He comically explained how he let nature take its course and had to retrieve the phone from the pig’s excrement. To his surprise, he managed to put it back together, although he jokingly expressed his disdain for smartphones and their many unnecessary features.

Overall, the interview with Paul O’Grady on Alan Carr: Chatty Man was lively, amusing, and filled with hilarious anecdotes. Paul’s larger-than-life personality and quick wit made it an episode to remember. Fans can’t wait to see what he has in store for his upcoming show and hope to experience more of his infectious humor and genuine love for animals.