The Graham Norton Show never fails to disappoint with its star-studded lineup and hilarious conversations. In a recent episode, some of Hollywood’s biggest names took to the couch to share their stories and have a good laugh. The chat show host welcomed a mix of familiar faces and newcomers, making it a memorable Father’s Day episode.

One of the highlights of the show was when David Schwimmer made his debut appearance. As he sat down, he jokingly remarked, “you’ve never been on the show before, I’m not thanks for never inviting me oh no.” Of course, the audience couldn’t believe it, and Graham assured him that it must be a mistake. It turns out that David is a fan of the show, even though he hasn’t been a guest until now.

Sitting next to David was the ever-charming Mark Ruffalo, who never fails to entertain with his interesting facts. Graham asked Mark to share something about himself, to which Mark responded, “You know, the fact I come from Kenosha, Wisconsin. That’s one of them.” The banter and laughter continued as Mark revealed that David had never seen the iconic show “Friends.”

It’s not every day that you come across someone who hasn’t seen “Friends,” and David admitted that he is indeed the odd one out. However, he revealed that he has started watching “Episodes,” a show that features his former “Friends” co-star Matt LeBlanc. It’s clear that the bond between the cast members is still strong, even after 15 years since the last episode aired.

Speaking of “Friends,” the conversation naturally steered towards the enduring popularity of the show. David admitted that he is constantly asked if there will be a reunion or if the cast will ever revisit their iconic roles. While the rest of the cast may be open to the idea, David revealed that he is content with the show’s legacy and doesn’t feel the need to go back. Surprisingly, it’s not just longtime fans who still watch the show. Younger generations are just discovering the magic of “Friends,” and David even shared that his own daughter has become a fan.

The conversation then took a delightful turn as David Beckham‘s son, Brooklyn, took center stage. Mark Ruffalo shared an amusing incident involving his own son, who stole one of his jumpers. It turns out that Brooklyn had done the same thing, and Mark shared a video of Brooklyn proudly proclaiming that he had reached one million followers on Instagram, all while wearing Mark’s jumper.

Brooklyn’s antics provided a perfect segue to a heartwarming father-son moment shared by Jamie Foxx. Jamie revealed that his own son, an aspiring actor, has found success in the industry. But beyond the fame and glamour, Jamie spoke about the deep connection he feels as a father, proud to see his son take the opportunity and make a name for himself.

Of course, a show like The Graham Norton Show wouldn’t be complete without a few laughs and crazy stories. David Schwimmer recounted a hilarious bet his father made involving his brother and a BMX motorcycle. The tale had everyone in stitches and showcased the playful rivalry between fathers and sons.

Finally, Jason Momoa, known for his role as Aquaman, made an appearance and revealed how the character went from being a figure of fun to becoming one of the coolest superheroes. The audience couldn’t help but be intrigued by the transformation of Aquaman’s image and the exciting worlds that unfolded on the big screen.

The Graham Norton Show once again delivered an unforgettable episode filled with laughter, insightful stories, and heartwarming moments. From surprise guests to amusing anecdotes, it was a celebration of fathers and the unique bond they share with their children. With each passing episode, The Graham Norton Show continues to prove why it remains a must-watch for entertainment enthusiasts around the world.