Sharon Osbourne, the renowned judge from reality TV show The X Factor, recently appeared on Alan Carr: Chatty Man in a full interview that showcased her outrageous and tough-talking personality. Known for her no-filter approach, Sharon didn’t disappoint as she shared her thoughts on the upcoming season of The X Factor and her relationships with her fellow judges.

In the interview, Sharon revealed that she was brought back as a judge because she is “fabulous,” proving that her presence adds excitement to the show. Referring to last year’s season, where The X Factor was beaten in the ratings by Strictly Come Dancing, Sharon didn’t hold back, calling it “ridiculous.” However, she assured fans that this season is different and fantastic, thanks to some amazing changes in the format.

But what really caught the audience’s attention was Sharon’s colorful language. She admitted to loving expressing herself through swearing, and the producers had to work overtime to bleep out her choice words in Morse code. According to Sharon, there’s no better way to express oneself than with a quick expletive. She even shared a story about an encounter with a pensioner in which she used a biro to defend herself.

Sharon also took the opportunity to clear the air about her relationships with her fellow judges. While she hasn’t always seen eye to eye with them in the past, she praised Nicole Scherzinger as the most exotic, sexy, and talented judge. She even jokingly called Louis Walsh “Mr. X” because of his long-standing association with The X Factor. Sharon’s playful banter with the judges showed that despite occasional disagreements, they have a strong bond and enjoy each other’s company.

As the conversation shifted, the audience learned that Sharon will be mentoring the Boys category this season, a category known for its strong contenders. Carr cheekily asked if Louis Walsh would “screw it up,” to which Sharon laughed and assured that he won’t. She mentioned the great songs prepared for the Boys and expressed excitement for the season.

In typical Sharon Osbourne style, she also mentioned her plans to film her segments from her own home. She jokingly claimed to be the only judge who ever did anything in their own home before, emphasizing that she’ll be bringing her unique touch to this season once again.

On a more personal note, Sharon shared that she and her husband, Ozzy Osbourne, had gone through a rough patch due to his drinking. However, she asserted that she put her foot down and only returned when he achieved a year of sobriety. Though she admitted giving in and going back after three months, it’s clear that Sharon places importance on her husband’s well-being.

With a vibrant personality and an uncensored approach, Sharon Osbourne‘s interview on Alan Carr: Chatty Man was an entertaining sneak peek into her role on The X Factor. Audiences can expect drama, laughter, and plenty of expletives as Sharon continues to add her unique flair to the show.