During a recent episode of the hit chat show “Alan Carr: Chatty Man,” Alan Carr sat down with the charismatic and talented singer, Enrique Iglesias, for an unforgettable interview. The conversation kicked off with Carr introducing Iglesias as the “Spanish stallion,” acknowledging his impressive lineage and success in the music industry.

As the interview began, Carr couldn’t help but mention Iglesias’s previous appearance on the show during the World Cup. Iglesias revealed that vodka shots were involved in that episode, sparking laughter from the audience. Carr went on to ask about Iglesias’s drink preferences, suggesting options like sambuca and Bacardi Breezer. The singer expressed his love for orange vodka and his distaste for nut allergies.

Carr then shifted the conversation to the grand national weekend, which happened to be taking place at the time. He asked Iglesias if he had any horse racing predictions. Iglesias confidently mentioned a horse named Rocky Creek and even described it as a delicious Sauvignon Blanc with a long fruity nose, making everyone burst into laughter.

The entertaining banter continued as Carr reminded Iglesias of their previous bet. If Spain won the World Cup, Iglesias promised to water-ski naked, and he actually followed through with it. Carr, curious about his own bet, asked Iglesias what he would do if England won. The singer suggested that Carr should perform one of his gigs naked, much to the delight of the audience.

The conversation then transitioned to Iglesias’s music career. Carr mentioned his tendency to surround himself with beautiful women in his music videos and jokingly questioned if it was because he couldn’t dance himself. Iglesias admitted that he couldn’t dance but clarified that having beautiful women in his videos was just for visual appeal. He playfully mentioned that his girlfriend could attest to kicking his butt during rehearsals.

To illustrate the point, Carr aired a clip from Iglesias’s music video for “Freak.” The singer’s girlfriend was seen choreographing the dance moves and ensuring he stayed on beat. The audience erupted in laughter upon witnessing the amusing behind-the-scenes interaction.

Amidst the laughter, Carr asked about the inspiration behind Iglesias’s latest single, “I’m a Freak.” The singer explained that it was about having fun in a positive way and enjoying those wild party nights. Carr joked that such nights usually involved vodka at 4 a.m., to which Iglesias agreed with a smile.

As the interview neared its end, Carr touched on Iglesias’s latest album, which features songs in both Spanish and English. Iglesias expressed his belief that some songs were meant to be sung in Spanish due to its beauty as a language. This led Carr to suggest the idea of a Spanish version of “Alan Carr: Chatty Man,” to which Iglesias wholeheartedly agreed.

The interview wrapped up on a lighthearted note, with Carr attempting to interview Iglesias in broken Spanish. While Carr’s attempts at speaking Spanish drew laughter from both Iglesias and the audience, it was a fun way to end the interview and highlight the energetic dynamic between the two.

Overall, Alan Carr‘s interview with Enrique Iglesias on “Alan Carr: Chatty Man” was filled with laughter, banter, and memorable moments. Iglesias’s charisma and Carr’s wit created an engaging and entertaining atmosphere that left the audience wanting more.