Daniel Radcliffe recently appeared on The Jonathan Ross Show and gave a candid and entertaining interview about his life post-Harry Potter. The talk show host welcomed Radcliffe, who looked fantastic, and the audience erupted in applause. Radcliffe expressed his gratitude for being invited back to the show, stating that he always enjoyed being a guest.

Reflecting on the Harry Potter series, Radcliffe acknowledged that it had been three or four years since the last film was released. He discussed the misconception that everything he did now was a comment on his past role as Harry Potter. Radcliffe explained that he pursued dark and different projects to challenge himself and surprise audiences, but he still loved and appreciated the Harry Potter films.

One of the bold choices Radcliffe made after Harry Potter was his role in the film “Kill Your Darlings.” The film included a sex scene between two men, which some perceived as Radcliffe trying to distance himself from his beloved character. Radcliffe clarified that the scene was not explicit and that he did not seek out such controversial roles. The actor emphasized that he was not trying to shed his Harry Potter image by getting naked on screen.

Moving on to his latest project, Radcliffe discussed his role in the film adaptation of Joe Hill’s book, “Horns.” He spoke enthusiastically about the uniqueness and originality of the story, describing it as a big, bold, and crazy movie. Radcliffe plays a character named Ig, who wakes up one day with horns on his head and sets out to uncover the truth behind his girlfriend’s murder. Despite the peculiar concept, Radcliffe highlighted that the film had a great blend of dark humor and a compelling love story.

Jonathan Ross also addressed Radcliffe’s disguises, mentioning that the actor attended San Diego Comic-Con in a full body mask. Radcliffe admitted that disguises often provided little help and how ridiculous he felt once he was discovered. However, he expressed his desire to go back to the Harry Potter theme park in disguise and reminisced about the tradition of famous actors going incognito at events like Comic-Con.

In closing, Radcliffe touched on his personal life and the intrusiveness of the media. He mentioned that over time, he had learned to be evasive and keep certain aspects of his life private. He reassured Ross that he did not mind discussing Harry Potter and even expressed interest in visiting the theme park in disguise.

Fans of Daniel Radcliffe and the Harry Potter series will surely enjoy this lively and insightful interview on The Jonathan Ross Show. Radcliffe continues to impress with his versatility as an actor and his ability to carve out a career beyond the iconic role of Harry Potter.