On the talk show Alan Carr: Chatty Man, the cast of The Inbetweeners revealed some hilarious behind-the-scenes moments while shooting the movie. The chat show, known for its lively and entertaining interviews, provided the perfect platform for the actors to share their experiences.

During the interview, Simon Bird, James Buckley, and Joe Thomas joined the show via a Skype call as Simon was unable to make it to the studio. However, the first thing that caught everyone’s attention was the peculiar headwear on James Buckley. Alan Carr couldn’t resist the opportunity to tease him about it.

But the banter didn’t stop there. The cast shared some embarrassing and amusing stories from filming the movie. One memorable incident involved the characters finishing school and going on a lads holiday to Magaluf. The actors explained that this storyline was a natural progression for the characters, fitting seamlessly with the series. The film was essentially a longer episode, filled with classic Inbetweeners moments like vomit, pearson direction jokes and gross-out humor.

When it came to more daring scenes, Blake Harrison admitted he had chickened out of a particularly bold moment involving shaving his pubes into an arrow. The writers and the relaxed atmosphere on set often led to peer pressure, with nudity becoming a recurring theme.

The Inbetweeners movie aimed to cater to both fans of the series and newcomers. The writers wanted to keep the essence of the show intact while ensuring that the film would be enjoyable for anyone, familiar with the characters or not. This meant sticking to the familiar format that viewers loved, which included outrageous humor and relatable awkward moments.

During the interview, the cast also revealed a hilarious prank they played on Blake Harrison. They asked a Spanish crew member to convince Blake that the Spanish word for “okay” was actually a rude word. Blake hilariously walked around the set unknowingly using the word, embarrassing himself in front of waiters and crew members.

Aside from the on-set antics, the cast discussed their personal lives. Blake Harrison shared the news that he was becoming a dad, much to the excitement of the audience. He jokingly expressed his slight unease about having a Scottish child, considering his girlfriend’s Scottish background.

The interview ended with a discussion about the future of The Inbetweeners. The writers hinted that this movie might be the end of this particular chapter, as the characters’ natural progression out of school and into adulthood would make it challenging to continue the story. However, they didn’t rule out the possibility of a spinoff featuring the characters in their older years.

Overall, the interview on Alan Carr: Chatty Man provided a lively and entertaining glimpse into the making of The Inbetweeners movie. The cast’s hilarious anecdotes and upbeat banter kept the audience hooked, showcasing the charm and humor that made the show such a success.

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