The Graham Norton Show never fails to disappoint with its star-studded lineup and hilarious banter. In the latest episode, the audience was treated to a fascinating chat with the cast of “Death On The Nile” – Jodie Comer, Daniel Craig, and Gal Gadot.

One of the highlights of the discussion was Jodie Comer‘s impressive talent for accents. Her character in “Killing Eve” boasts a range of different languages, and it turns out that Jodie herself has a knack for accents. She revealed that she has always enjoyed imitating adverts and other accents with her dad. Little did she know that she would be showcasing her linguistic skills on a global platform!

Daniel Craig, known for his role as James Bond, also chimed in about his experiences with accents. Although he has mastered many accents throughout his film career, there were still a couple of troublesome words in foreign American accents. He humorously mentioned struggling with words like “girlfriend” and “murderer.” It’s refreshing to see even seasoned Hollywood actors face challenges when it comes to accents.

The conversation took an entertaining turn when Jodie Comer revealed her Russian persona she uses to throw off people who recognize her in public. She jokingly introduced herself as “Ivanka” and throws people off by speaking with a Russian accent. Gal Gadot chimed in, praising Jodie’s badass Russian accent. It seems like these actors know how to have fun both on and off the screen.

Speaking of Gal Gadot‘s role in “Death On The Nile,” she discussed the fashion choices in the movie. The cast embraced ’90s fashion, and it was a challenge to strike the right balance between trendy and campy. Gal praised her co-star Chris Pine for pulling off the fanny pack look effortlessly. Let’s face it; not everyone can rock a fanny pack!

The conversation then shifted to the long-standing collaboration between Judi Dench and director Kenneth Branagh. Judi Dench has worked with Kenneth Branagh over 10 times in their 30-year professional relationship. Their bond is evident, and the camaraderie between them adds an extra layer of magic to their collaborations.

As always, Graham Norton never fails to surprise his guests with unconventional segments. In this episode, Jennifer Saunders joined the conversation, and things took a hilarious turn. Jennifer, known for her comedy prowess, admitted to being mischievous. This led to a playful “punching” segment between her and Tom Cruise. It’s always a joy to witness unexpected interactions between celebrities.

Another guest who never fails to entertain is Paloma Faith. During her time on the show, she shared some amusing anecdotes about her experiences swimming with dolphins. According to her, dolphins mate for life, and touching them can lead to breaking up dolphin marriages. Paloma humorously mentioned potentially ruining dolphin relationships with her inadvertent touch.

The episode also took a heartfelt turn when Dame Judi Dench shared a personal story. She recounted a moment of panic when she couldn’t find her baby at home, only to discover her baby had kicked itself to the bottom of the bed during sleep. It’s moments like these that remind us that even the legendary Dame Judi Dench can experience relatable moments of worry.

Overall, this episode of The Graham Norton Show was filled with laughter, fascinating insights, and unexpected revelations. With A-list stars and Graham Norton’s trademark wit, it’s no wonder the show continues to be a fan favorite. Whether it’s discussing accents, fashion choices, or sharing personal stories, The Graham Norton Show always delivers an entertaining and unforgettable experience.