On a recent episode of Friday Night With Jonathan Ross, stand-up comedian Jimmy Carr took the stage and delivered a hilarious and provocative performance. Known for his sharp and often controversial humor, Carr did not hold back in entertaining the audience.

As Carr began his set, he made it clear that he was not just there to chat; he was there to showcase his comedic material. With a warm welcome from the crowd, Carr wasted no time in diving into his routine. He started off by discussing his experience as a judge for Mr. Gay UK, sarcastically stating that he had no problem with it and adding, “He’s against nature and against God.”

Carr continued to engage the audience with his witty observations. He shared a story about a friend named Shagger, joking that her nickname may sound cool, but she doesn’t appreciate it. He then recounted an incident where he encountered a distressed teenager being mugged, highlighting the irony of the situation in a rough area of London.

The comedian didn’t shy away from tackling societal issues either. Carr brought up the alarming fact that there are one million obese children in Britain, humorously musing that if they all jumped up and down simultaneously, they might lose some weight. He also shared an anecdote about encountering a homeless man on a bus, posing the rhetorical question of how he knew when it was his stop.

Carr’s set delved into relationships, with jokes about his girlfriend getting annoyed with him leaving the toilet seat up. He humorously acknowledged that he had learned to put it down, but now he faced the challenge of making sure it was not covered in piss. Touching on gender dynamics, Carr admitted that men are not good at asking for directions and playfully suggested that women might not have to if they could read a map correctly.

As the audience erupted in laughter throughout Carr’s set, it was apparent that his bold and unfiltered humor resonated with them. His ability to navigate sensitive topics with humor and his keen observational skills impressed both the crowd and the host, Jonathan Ross.

Ross also took the opportunity to discuss Carr’s other ventures, including his stand-up tours and his television appearances in the United States. Carr recounted his nerves before performing on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, but a chance encounter with Cameron Diaz in the backstage area quickly settled his nerves. Apparently, her stunning appearance in a golden outfit did the trick, and Carr jokingly added, “It’s not easy performing stand-up with an erection.”

The interview also covered Carr’s involvement in the movie industry, particularly his role in the film adaptation of the popular spy book series, Stormbreaker. Carr modestly mentioned that he played an mi6 spy and shared his excitement about working alongside accomplished actors such as Ewan McGregor and Bill Nighy.

As the interview came to a close, Ross commended Carr on his successful show, 8 out of 10 Cats, and even offered him a cameo in his next movie. Carr’s quick wit and charismatic stage presence made it clear why he has become a well-known and highly-regarded comedian in both the UK and the United States.

If you’re looking for a laugh-out-loud experience, be sure to catch Jimmy Carr‘s stand-up tour and grab a copy of his DVD, which includes additional content like the TV show, Comedy Idol. With his unique brand of comedy and fearless approach to controversial subjects, Carr is sure to keep audiences entertained and laughing.