In a recent episode of the popular talk show “Friday Night With Jonathan Ross“, comedian Jo Brand opened up about a terrifying incident involving two fans and her journey to the show.

During the interview, Ross congratulated Brand on reaching some significant milestones in her life, including turning 50 and having another baby. Brand jokingly responded by mentioning her struggles with her gastric band, which led to some comical anecdotes about her attempts to maintain her eating habits.

The conversation then took an unexpected turn when Ross brought up an interesting theory he had about Brand’s sexuality. He mentioned that when he first saw her perform, he thought she might be gay based on her fashion choices at the time. Brand humorously acknowledged that many people had made that assumption about her and even shared a funny story about how she convinced her husband otherwise.

As the interview continued, Brand discussed her experience being a mother to her two young children. She shared a humorous encounter in the school playground and revealed her secret indulgence of going back to bed with a bottle of vodka to watch “Loose Women” after dropping them off at school.

The conversation then shifted to Brand’s love for touring as a comedian. She expressed her preference for performing outside of London, citing the enthusiasm of the audience in those locations. Brand also mentioned her habit of poking fun at local headlines during her shows, showcasing her comedic talent in finding humor even in the most mundane stories.

Ross then asked Brand about her appearances on the popular game show, “Countdown”, where she often ends up making her own words for comic effect. They discussed the challenge of involving one’s own comedy style when participating in a game show format. Brand admitted that she occasionally worries that fans of “Countdown” might not expect her to have a potty-mouthed sense of humor, which she ensures to warn them about at her live shows.

Moving on to her participation in reality shows, Brand discussed her experiences on “Fame Academy” and “The Apprentice”. She shared her thoughts on participating in shows for a good cause and the enjoyable aspects of being involved in these productions.

In a surprising revelation, Brand disclosed that she had obtained an International Rally driving license about ten years ago. She explained her fascination with driving fast and how she enjoys scaring spectators with her souped-up Peugeot 106. Brand even shared a humorous anecdote about accidentally causing a minor accident on her way to a gig but finding out that the victims were actually her fans, which turned the situation into a pleasant encounter.

As the interview wrapped up, Ross praised Brand on her appearance and humorously encouraged her to return to the show sooner than the five-year gap since her last appearance.

Fans of Brand and “Friday Night With Jonathan Ross” were undoubtedly entertained by this lively and humorous interview. It showcased Brand’s unique comedic style and provided an insight into her personal life and experiences both on and offstage.