On a recent episode of the talk show “Friday Night With Jonathan Ross,” actor Shane Richie made some surprising revelations about his role in the popular soap opera, Eastenders. The charismatic actor, known for his portrayal of Alfie Moon on the show, confessed to lying to American audiences about his character. The interview was filled with charm, humor, and candid discussions about his time on the hit show.

As Richie took the stage to thunderous applause and lively music, host Jonathan Ross wasted no time in teasing him about his appearance. Richie, who had put on a bit of weight since his last visit to the show, jokingly defended himself, attributing it to his departure from Eastenders. Ross, acknowledging Richie’s popularity and success on the show, praised him for his contribution to its immense success.

Discussing his recent departure from Eastenders, Richie shared details about the upcoming episodes he had filmed before leaving. Without giving away too much, he hinted at some emotional and significant storylines involving his character and Nana Moon. Richie revealed that his character’s exit would coincide with an episode airing on Christmas Day.

Ross, probing for more information, attempted to uncover the specifics of Alfie Moon’s departure. Richie admitted that he couldn’t reveal too many details, but he did mention a poignant scene where Alfie holds Nana Moon as she passes away. The actor confessed that filming such an emotional scene was a challenge, as it required accessing genuine emotions. However, the atmosphere on set was somber and respectful, considering the departure of a beloved cast member.

Leaving Eastenders was an emotional experience for Richie, as he revealed there were several farewell parties held for departing cast members. The festivities continued until Richie’s last day on set, where only a handful of actors remained. The actor recounted the fun they had at a karaoke night, showcasing his wide repertoire of songs, including Barry White and Lionel Richie.

Looking ahead, Richie expressed his excitement for future projects. He revealed that he had recently signed on to do a musical production of “Scrooge” and shared his love for performing in the theater. Richie also mentioned his involvement in a TV special, where he would be playing Fagin in a production of “Oliver.” Despite his departure from Eastenders, Richie seemed determined to keep his career thriving.

Unveiling another exciting opportunity, Richie shared that he had been signed by DreamWorks to lend his voice to an animated film called “Flushed Away.” The actor spoke enthusiastically about the project, describing his character as a rat living in the sewers of London. Richie also mentioned his meetings with prominent industry figures during his time in Los Angeles, including Jeffrey Katzenberg of DreamWorks.

While acknowledging the challenges of leaving a long-running show like Eastenders, Richie seemed optimistic and grateful for the opportunities that lay ahead. He acknowledged the intense media interest in his career and the occasional scrutiny that came with it. However, Richie expressed his readiness to explore new avenues and tackle fresh challenges.

As the interview concluded, Richie and Ross exchanged banter and well-wishes. The charismatic actor’s enthusiasm and positive outlook hinted at a promising future, both on and off the screen. With exciting projects lined up, it seems that Shane Richie‘s journey is far from over. Fans can expect to see more of his talent and trademark charm in the years to come.

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