In a recent episode of the talk show “Friday Night With Jonathan Ross,” comedian Ricky Gervais took the opportunity to critique Jonathan throughout the entire interview. As the guest on the show, Gervais did not hold back in his honest and sometimes hilarious feedback.

The episode started off with the usual enthusiasm from the audience as Gervais made his entrance to applause and music. Jonathan Ross welcomed him and joked about how often Gervais appears on the show, saying he feels like Gervais is his sidekick. The conversation quickly turned to Gervais’ new show, “Extras,” and its upcoming second season.

Gervais expressed his excitement about the new series, stating that it is even funnier than the first season. He described it as a more traditional sitcom but with a postmodern and meta level of humor. When asked if he thinks the new series is better than the previous one, Gervais humbly admitted that it’s hard to define “better” but believes it’s the funniest thing they’ve done so far.

As the interview continued, Gervais playfully criticized Ross for not asking proper questions, joking that he should watch more films to craft better inquiries. Their banter showcased their comedic dynamic and kept the audience entertained.

The conversation then shifted to the guest stars in “Extras.” Gervais explained that they wanted actors who were not only famous but also had something interesting to deconstruct. He shared stories about working with well-known stars like Orlando Bloom and Ian McKellen, emphasizing that they brought an added level of authenticity to the show.

However, not every celebrity agreed to appear on “Extras.” Gervais revealed that Keith Harris turned down the opportunity, though the exact reason remains unclear. Nonetheless, Gervais and his co-creator, Stephen Merchant, managed to assemble a talented ensemble cast that adds depth to the series.

Throughout the interview, Gervais and Ross engaged in playful banter, with Gervais taking every opportunity to tease and mock his host. Ross did not shy away from Gervais’ jabs and even joined in on the fun, allowing for a lively and entertaining exchange.

As the conversation neared its end, Gervais and Ross discussed the success of Gervais’ podcast, which reaches millions of listeners worldwide. Gervais expressed his admiration for his podcast partner, Karl Pilkington, and shared humorous stories about his unique personality.

The episode concluded with Gervais showing outtakes from “Extras,” including bloopers featuring Ross himself. The audience enjoyed the funny and sometimes outrageous behind-the-scenes moments.

Overall, the episode of “Friday Night With Jonathan Ross” featuring Ricky Gervais was filled with laughter and lighthearted banter. Gervais’ candid critiques and Ross’ witty comebacks kept the audience engaged, making for an entertaining and lively talk show segment.