On a recent episode of “Friday Night With Jonathan Ross,” Hollywood superstar Jamie Foxx made a memorable appearance, sharing some interesting anecdotes and showcasing his incredible talent. The talk show host, Jonathan Ross, welcomed Foxx to the show with enthusiasm, praising him for his voice, looks, and all-around talent. Foxx, in turn, expressed his gratitude and mentioned how he flew into the UK just for the show, planning to promote his work and enjoy the nightlife.

As the conversation unfolded, Ross asked Foxx about his own party hosting skills, to which Foxx replied that he enjoys throwing karaoke parties. He mentioned his love for having fun and revealed that he has had massive karaoke parties in the past, where even renowned singer Bobby Brown joined in. Foxx emphasized that it’s not about the singing itself but about the enthusiasm and delivery, which makes the parties a hit.

The conversation then took an interesting turn as Ross brought up Foxx’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Foxx humbly expressed his excitement over the honor and revealed a humorous worry he had when they were deciding where to place his star. However, he was pleased to find out that it was situated next to Academy Award-winning actress Halle Berry‘s star.

With his versatile talent, Foxx has become a celebrated figure in the entertainment industry. Not only is he an accomplished actor and singer, but he has also released multiple albums that showcase his musical abilities. Foxx described his music as having the power to transport listeners to the club or the bedroom, depending on the atmosphere one desires. He drew inspiration from his own experiences, often infusing his lyrics with sensuality.

Foxx’s stories continued to captivate the audience as he shifted the conversation to his Oscar-winning performance in the biographical film “Ray.” He shared the unforgettable moment he met the late Ray Charles and played piano alongside him. Foxx expressed his nerves before the encounter but was relieved when Charles said, “as long as you play the blues, man, everything is all right.” The experience allowed Foxx to witness Charles’ serious dedication to music firsthand.

As the interview progressed, Ross congratulated Foxx on his well-deserved Oscar win, making him the third African-American to receive the prestigious award for Best Actor. Foxx humbly acknowledged the significance of this achievement and emphasized the ongoing strive for representation and acceptance of African-Americans in the industry.

The conversation then shifted towards Foxx’s latest movie, “The Kingdom.” Foxx discussed the complexity of the film, which goes beyond the typical action flick expectations. Portraying an FBI agent in the film, Foxx explained how it delves into the complicated relationship between the United States and Saudi Arabia. He praised the performances of his co-stars and shared his admiration for the way the story unfolds and touches the audience.

In conclusion, Jamie Foxx‘s appearance on “Friday Night With Jonathan Ross” was nothing short of enthralling. He showcased his immense talent, shared personal anecdotes, and discussed his impactful work. Foxx’s charisma and energy kept the conversation lively, making it undoubtedly one of the most memorable episodes of the talk show.