In a recent episode of Friday Night With Jonathan Ross, Daniel Craig, famously known for his portrayal of James Bond, opened up about his experience doing his own stunts in the iconic Bond films. The chat show, hosted by Jonathan Ross, delved into Craig’s initial hesitations about accepting the role of 007 and how it ultimately changed his life.

Craig admitted that he initially walked away from the offer to play Bond because he couldn’t wrap his head around it. As an actor, he never imagined himself playing the iconic character and didn’t see himself as handsome enough for the role. However, after much contemplation, Craig decided to accept the role, realizing that he needed to do something different with the character.

The decision to take on the role of Bond was a significant one for Craig, as it would not only change his life but also the way people perceived him as an actor. He mentioned that the recognition he receives from fans can be overwhelming at times, as people constantly approach him for pictures and use their mobile phones to capture the moment.

During the interview, Craig also discussed the excitement and careful planning that goes into the action sequences in the Bond films. He revealed that he had recently started rehearsals for the next Bond film, where they would spend a month choreographing the action sequences to ensure everyone’s safety. Craig’s commitment to doing his own stunts, like the memorable crane sequence in Casino Royale, was acknowledged and appreciated by viewers.

When asked about the forthcoming Bond movie, which is currently titled Bond 22, Craig remained tight-lipped, teasing that he couldn’t reveal any details at that moment. However, he hinted that the movie would not harken back to any of the previous titles, leaving fans eagerly anticipating what is to come.

Aside from his work as Bond, Craig also discussed his involvement in other films, such as The Golden Compass and Flashbacks of a Fool. He talked about the joy of working on smaller-budget, more personal projects that allow him to explore different roles and challenge himself as an actor.

Overall, Daniel Craig‘s appearance on Friday Night With Jonathan Ross provided fans with a glimpse into the life of the talented actor and the dedication he brings to his craft. As he continues to captivate audiences with his performances, both in the Bond franchise and beyond, it’s clear that Craig is a force to be reckoned with in the world of entertainment.