Paul O’Grady recently made an appearance on the talk show “Friday Night With Jonathan Ross” where he revealed some interesting and unexpected details about his life. The episode started with a lively introduction, with the audience cheering for Paul O’Grady as he made his way to the stage.

During the interview, Paul shared his excitement about hosting the upcoming revival of the classic TV show “The Generation Game.” He expressed his love for the original show, citing Bruce Forsyth as his inspiration and revealing that he grew up watching him. Paul expressed his enthusiasm for the opportunity to carry on the legacy of such an iconic program.

As the conversation continued, Jonathan Ross asked Paul about his health. Paul attributed his well-being to fresh air, exercise, and an unexpected aid in his journey to quit smoking: nicotine patches. Not only did Paul mention that the patches helped him suppress his cravings for cigarettes, but he also revealed that they gave him incredibly vivid dreams. He jokingly compared them to taking a tab of acid and expressed his amusement at waking up in the morning with memories of these incredibly lifelike dreams.

The interview took an amusing turn when Paul O’Grady shared anecdotes about his experiences with animals. He talked about his childhood visits to his dad’s family in Ireland, who owned a farm. Paul fondly remembered spending time with various animals, including geese, cows, and pigs. As he recounted his encounters with these animals, he mentioned a particularly humorous incident involving a pig biting him. Paul also mentioned his love for driving and his future plans to learn how to fly a plane.

Throughout the interview, Paul O’Grady‘s witty and entertaining personality shone through. He shared stories of encounters with irate drivers and even admitted to using a baseball bat to send a strong message to someone who was harassing him. While his comedic character Lily Savage may be a thing of the past, Paul O’Grady proved that he still has a captivating and hilarious presence.

Overall, Paul O’Grady‘s appearance on “Friday Night With Jonathan Ross” was a delightful mix of laughter, interesting stories, and unexpected revelations. As the audience eagerly awaits the pilot episode of the revived “Generation Game” hosted by Paul O’Grady, it’s safe to say that the show will be entertaining and lively.