David Bowie made a guest appearance on “Friday Night With Jonathan Ross” where he spoke about his new album, “Reality,” and his devoted fans. The talk show host, Jonathan Ross, kicked off the interview by complimenting Bowie on the success and rave reviews of his new album. Bowie expressed his gratitude and explained that while he hopes his own audience likes his work, it’s always a fantastic feeling when it is well-received by a wider audience.

Bowie also discussed the quick turnaround between his previous album, “Heathen,” and the creation of “Reality.” He mentioned that he and Tony Visconti, his collaborator, knew they had created a good album that their audience would enjoy. Bowie humorously remarked about his appearance, agreeing with Ross’ observation that he looked scruffy, unlike his accountant-like appearance during a previous television appearance.

The conversation then shifted to Bowie’s excitement to go on tour and engage with the audience. He expressed his love for being on talk shows like “Friday Night With Jonathan Ross” because of the lightheartedness and humor involved. Bowie confessed that during promotional activities and one-on-one interviews, there is often a lack of relief and levity. Going on tour allows him to enjoy himself and perform all the songs they have written and recorded.

Ross shared his observation that many interviews still focus on Bowie’s past drug use. Bowie acknowledged that it’s a topic that often comes up but joked that interviewers tend to stick to a checklist of topics, including bisexuality and cats. He also playfully mentioned his disappointment with Bowie’s lack of music videos lately, reminiscing about the excitement surrounding the release of the “Ashes to Ashes” video.

However, the highlight of the interview came when Bowie talked about his devoted fans, particularly those from Liverpool. He mentioned that they would be waiting outside all morning and posed a question about whether it was concerning for their cars. Bowie revealed that he recently had a special live gig broadcasted globally, where fans from different countries could ask him questions. There were a few technical glitches, but overall, it was a success.

The interview concluded with friendly banter between Bowie and Ross about their personal lives. Ross mentioned meeting Bowie’s wife in the past, and Bowie joked about Ross being jealous. They also discussed Bowie’s upcoming tour, where he confirmed that he would be performing songs from his new album along with some old favorites.

As the interview concluded, Bowie thanked the band and received applause from the audience. The article ends by mentioning that the air date of the interview was not provided. Fans of David Bowie can look forward to his upcoming tour, which kicks off in October.