In a recent episode of the talk show “Friday Night with Jonathan Ross“, tennis superstar Serena Williams made a guest appearance and discussed her experiences playing against her sister in tournaments.

Williams, who looked stunning as always, shared that it was both challenging and exciting to compete against her sister. She mentioned that both of them were not at their physical best during their recent matches, as they had been continuously playing throughout the year. However, Serena was able to come out on top and win the competition in Qatar.

When asked about her thoughts on facing her sister in tournaments, Serena admitted that it was a unique experience. She expressed her love for seeing the Williams sisters on the court, but also pointed out the repetitive nature of the commentators referring to them individually rather than as a team. However, Serena emphasized that beating her sister in the finals felt satisfying because they both reached the maximum level of the tournament.

The conversation then shifted to Serena’s personal life, with questions about her plans for marriage and potentially changing her last name. Serena humorously mentioned that her dad only has daughters, making it strange for her to give up the Williams name. While she isn’t opposed to changing her last name when she gets married, she believes it’s not essential at this point in her life.

Jonathan Ross also brought up Serena’s book, “Serena’s Book: My Life, Queen of the Court.” In the book, she talks about a past relationship but keeps the person’s name anonymous, referring to him as “so-and-so.” Serena explained that everyone has a “so-and-so” in their life, someone they date but it doesn’t work out. Reflecting on some of the things that happened in that relationship, Serena found them hilarious now.

The conversation continued with a discussion about Serena and her sister sharing a house. Serena shared that they have been living together since she was 18 years old. She mentioned that she enjoys cooking when she is at home and mentioned an incident where she attempted to make a dessert but it didn’t turn out as planned. Despite her cooking mishaps, Serena acknowledged that Venus pays the bills, and she feels like she got the better end of the deal.

The interview then touched upon the influence of Serena’s father on her tennis career. Serena expressed her gratitude to her dad and credited him for having the vision and dream that led to the success of the Williams sisters. She even dedicated her recent book to him.

Jonathan Ross also brought up Serena’s occasional outbursts on the court. Serena opened up about a particular incident at the US Open where she lost her temper with the line judge. She acknowledged that her reaction was wrong, but it humanized her in front of people, showing that she is not perfect. Serena emphasized the importance of learning from mistakes and not repeating them in the future.

Towards the end of the interview, the topic of Serena’s post-tennis career was discussed. Serena mentioned her interest in acting and revealed that she enjoyed being in front of the camera. While she recently had a role where she died in a movie, she expressed a desire to explore action genres and showcase her physical abilities.

As always, Serena’s appearance on “Friday Night With Jonathan Ross” was entertaining and captivating. Her down-to-earth personality and candid responses made for an engaging conversation about her tennis career, personal life, and future aspirations.