Friday Night With Jonathan Ross welcomed actor Daniel Craig to the show this week, where he revealed some surprising news about his recent surgery. Craig, famously known for his role as James Bond, opened up about the injury he sustained to his arm while filming. Despite the injury, Craig managed to maintain his signature on-screen charm during his appearance on the talk show.

During the interview, Craig sported a sling on his arm, which immediately caught the attention of the audience and host Jonathan Ross. Ross couldn’t help but compliment Craig on the stylish choice of sling, remarking that he had never seen one that looked as good as Craig’s. In true Bond fashion, Craig explained that the sling was courtesy of Gucci, and although he wasn’t sure about the materials used, he wanted to make sure it looked good while promoting his latest film.

The injury to Craig’s arm wasn’t just a stunt gone wrong; it required surgery. Craig admitted to having smacked his arm a couple of times while shooting, which ultimately led to the pain and the need for medical attention. He underwent surgery, where the doctors stitched his arm back together and put in some internal hardware to aid in the healing process. While the procedure wasn’t pleasant, Craig managed to maintain his sense of humor, joking about receiving a lollipop afterward.

When it comes to stunts, Craig tries to do as many as he can himself to maintain the authenticity of his character. However, he explained that the goal is to make it look like it’s him doing the stunts, even when it may not be physically possible. Bond films have always been known for their globe-trotting adventures, and Craig shared some of the locations they visited for his latest movie. From Panama to Chile, Italy to Austria, and of course, London, the Bond franchise never fails to showcase stunning destinations.

Switching gears, Ross couldn’t help but discuss the naming process for Bond movies. Craig revealed that the title for his second Bond film, “Quantum of Solace,” was derived from a discussion between Bond and a retired general about falling in and out of love. The phrase refers to the little bit of peace or common ground needed to salvage a relationship. Craig acknowledged that some Bond movie titles may seem odd at first, but they eventually become synonymous with the character and the film’s essence.

Aside from his iconic role, Craig’s personal life also became a topic of discussion. At the time of filming the talk show, Craig had recently turned 40, a milestone that many men find daunting. However, being James Bond certainly helps alleviate any apprehensions about aging. Craig admitted that despite being 40, he still felt and looked young, thanks to his active lifestyle and the demanding physicality of his role.

As the interview came to a close, the topic of Craig’s downtime and hobbies arose. Craig mentioned that he enjoys reading and collects watches. Ross playfully teased Craig about the abundance of watches that Bond enthusiasts often receive as gifts. In a generous exchange, Ross jokingly asked for one of Craig’s watches, which Craig willingly and humorously handed over. In return, Ross presented Craig with a unique gift—a co-star from the musical Wicked.

While Craig didn’t have any projects lined up between Bond films, he planned to take some time off to heal and enjoy a well-deserved holiday. The interview showcased Craig’s charming personality and his dedication to the iconic James Bond character. With Quantum of Solace on the horizon, fans eagerly await Craig’s return to the big screen as 007.