Alan Carr‘s talk show, Alan Carr: Chatty Man, has never failed to entertain its viewers. From hilarious celebrity interviews to funny sketches, the show always brings laughter and joy to its audience. In a recent episode, Alan Carr discussed the latest gossip in the world of celebrities, including the details of Cheryl and Ashley‘s divorce. Cheryl expressed her desire to keep the house, proving that she’s not interested in Ashley‘s money. Alan couldn’t help but make a witty comment about the house being the only place in the country where Ashley hasn’t had regular sex.

The conversation then moved on to the topic of naughty footballers, with a particular focus on Wayne Bridge‘s refusal to shake John Terry‘s hand. Alan humorously remarked that he wouldn’t shake Terry’s hand either, joking that it’s not about principle but rather knowing where it’s been. He even added that he would have worn a marigold glove if he were in Wayne Bridge‘s shoes.

The talk show host couldn’t resist mentioning Simon Cowell‘s upcoming wedding, expressing his excitement and humorous expectations for the event. He humorously suggested that he wanted Simon’s wedding to be anything but low-key, envisioning Simon’s fellow judge, Louis Walsh, running up the aisle with the rings on a cushion on his head. Alan’s anticipation for Simon’s wedding speech was evident, as he jokingly pondered the quality of the bridesmaids, adding that they were some of the worst he had ever seen.

As the show progressed, Alan Carr welcomed a series of guests, including the multi-talented John Barrowman. The two engaged in a comical conversation about John’s role as a villain in Desperate Housewives. John enthusiastically shared that he embraced the opportunity to play a bad guy and explained how his character would affect all of the women in Wisteria Lane. Alan couldn’t help but tease John about whether he could throttle someone with his signature jazz hands.

The banter continued with the arrival of Joe Frost, better known as Super Nanny. Alan and Joe playfully exchanged remarks about parenting and discipline. Joe emphasized the importance of setting boundaries for children, arguing that discipline is necessary to ensure their proper development. She mentioned her new show, Extreme Parental Guidance, and its objective to empower parents with knowledge and advice.

The segment with Ant and Dec, the beloved British double act, brought even more laughter to the talk show. Alan Carr and the duo reminisced about their long friendship and shared stories from their early days of working together. Ant and Dec revealed that they had bought houses next to each other, further solidifying their close bond.

Throughout the episode, Alan Carr‘s conversational style and comedic timing kept the audience engaged and entertained. With his sharp wit and lively demeanor, Alan successfully delivered another memorable episode of Alan Carr: Chatty Man.