The conversation took a lighthearted turn as Alan Carr congratulated Sarah Millican on her BAFTA nomination. Sarah Millican joked about her future red carpet look, mentioning designers like Valentino and Gucci. She also made humorous comments about her legs and sideboob.

As the conversation continued, Sarah Millican discussed her upcoming tour and her efforts to become more domestic, particularly in the kitchen. She shared some successes and failures in her cooking endeavors, including live tweeting her experience of poaching eggs.

The conversation then shifted to JLS, the boyband that recently announced their split. The members of the band discussed their decision to not renew their contract, highlighting the desire to pursue individual journeys and the need to move on. They expressed gratitude to their fans for their support over the last six years and acknowledged how unique it is for an X Factor band to fulfill a long contract.

The episode also featured a special performance by JLS and a tribute to their time together. The remaining guests, including Laura Mvula, added to the lively atmosphere of the show.

Overall, this episode of Alan Carr: Chatty Man was filled with laughter, entertaining conversations, and surprise announcements. From Sarah Millican‘s hilarious take on various topics to JLS‘s bittersweet farewell, it was a fun and memorable episode.