Renowned musician Stevie Wonder recently appeared on the popular talk show “Friday Night With Jonathan Ross,” where he shared some fascinating insights and anecdotes about his life and career. The episode, which aired on [Air date], was filled with laughter, applause, and captivating conversation.

One of the first topics of discussion was Wonder’s long absence from touring. He revealed that after his mother passed away in 2006, he took a break from performing. However, a phone call from his late mother in a dream prompted him to get back on the road. Wonder expressed his gratitude to his fans and credited their love and support for his successful career.

The conversation then shifted to Wonder’s personal life, as host Jonathan Ross brought up his children. Wonder shared amusing stories about his son, Carlin, and how he accompanied him on stage for a few shows. Carlin even demanded payment after their performances, showing his early ambitions.

As the interview continued, Ross inquired about Wonder’s early beginnings in the music industry with Motown, mentioning legendary artists like Marvin Gaye and Smokey Robinson. Wonder fondly recalled his time at Motown, where he met and worked with these iconic figures. He discussed his passion for writing songs from a young age and how Motown provided him with a platform to showcase his talents.

The conversation then turned to Wonder’s incredibly successful period in the 1970s. Ross praised him for releasing a series of groundbreaking albums, including “Inner Visions” and “Songs in the Key of Life.” Wonder attributed this period of artistic growth to his introduction to the Moog synthesizer, which allowed him to translate his musical ideas directly onto the keyboard.

Political topics were not left untouched during the interview, as Ross playfully suggested that Wonder would become the “minister of music” if Barack Obama were to win the presidency. Wonder expressed his support for Obama’s message of unity and emphasized the need for change in America and the world.

As the interview concluded, Ross asked Wonder about the possibility of a biographical film about his life. Although Wonder didn’t provide a definite answer, he joked about the challenge of finding someone talented enough to play him.

Before his musical performance, Wonder engaged in a lighthearted and entertaining Q&A session with Ross. Ross playfully asked Wonder about his dreams, his reaction to certain gestures, and even his romantic preferences. Wonder kept the audience laughing with his witty responses.

The article concludes with a final note of appreciation to Stevie Wonder for sharing his stories and talents on the show. The episode left viewers thoroughly entertained and reminded everyone of Wonder’s incomparable musical legacy.