During a recent episode of the talk show Friday Night With Jonathan Ross, former Girls Aloud member Cheryl Cole made an appearance to discuss her role as a judge on the X-Factor. Cole, who is currently doing the show without her bandmates, spoke candidly with Ross about her nervousness being on her own. However, she couldn’t help but laugh when Ross brought up a previous encounter in the dressing room where the topic of her dog’s interference in her sex life was discussed. The story grabbed headlines the next day and Cole jokingly blamed Ross for the attention.

While on the show, Cole also addressed rumors of Girls Aloud looking for a new sixth member. Cole admitted to not knowing where the rumor had come from and expressed frustration with the fabricated stories that often make their way into the tabloids. She revealed that the band often has to assure friends and family that the rumors are not true. Cole also discussed her experiences on the X Factor, particularly the audition process. She admitted to finding some of the auditions hilarious and highlighted the challenge of trying to hold back laughter while in front of the contestants themselves.

The conversation shifted to the relationship between Cole and her fellow judges on the X-Factor, specifically Dannii Minogue and Louis Walsh. Cole explained that any past disagreements were water under the bridge and that she has since grown to know Walsh better during their time on the show. As for Minogue, Cole noted that it was a misunderstanding from years ago and that they have moved past it. Ross also jokingly suggested that Cole join Strictly Come Dancing, but she declined, citing her distaste for the idea of being thrown around on a wooden floor.

In a more personal note, Cole briefly discussed her private life, indicating that there is no such thing as privacy in the entertainment industry. She mentioned that her wedding ring is back on, despite some challenges in her marriage, and emphasized that celebrities are also human and face similar struggles in their personal lives.

Overall, Cole’s appearance on Friday Night With Jonathan Ross provided a delightful mix of laughter, candidness, and insight into her life as a judge on the X Factor. With her infectious personality and genuine demeanor, it’s no wonder that Cole continues to captivate audiences in the world of entertainment.