In a recent episode of The Ellen Degeneres Show, Ellen hosted an incredible lineup of guests including Jared Leto, Kate Blanchett, Lupita Nango, and the infamous “pizza guy” Edgar. The show, which aired live, was buzzing with excitement from the moment it started.

Ellen, known for her quick wit and humor, kicked off the show by jokingly saying, “I don’t know what y’all did last night, but I think I hosted the Oscars.” The audience erupted in applause, and Ellen went on to share her experience of attending two parties after the show, making The Ellen Show her third party of the night.

One of the highlights of the show was the discussion of the iconic “Oscar Selfie” that Ellen took during the Academy Awards. The selfie, which featured a star-studded lineup including Ellen, Merill (who barely made it into the photo), Jared Leto, Jennifer Lawrence, Angie, Lupita, Brad, Kevin Spacey, and many more, broke Twitter records with over 3 million retweets. Ellen humorously mentioned that they even managed to crash Twitter and that it was fixed with “duct tape.”

Ellen showed the audience the selfie and pointed out the hilarious details of how everyone squeezed into the frame. She highlighted Jared Leto‘s eye in the corner and the moment when he ran from the other side of the theater to be a part of the selfie. Liza Minnelli’s failed attempt to get in the photo also provided some comedic relief.

Ellen took the opportunity to talk to Lupita about her brother, who became famous for his enthusiastic participation in the selfie. Ellen praised Lupita’s brother for his contagious energy and mentioned that he stole the spotlight during the Oscars. Lupita confirmed that her brother is a freshman in college with aspirations to become an actor, making him a perfect fit for the entertainment industry.

As the conversation continued, Ellen and Lupita discussed the aftermath of the selfie, including how to handle the newfound fame. Ellen joked about the need for an “Oscar-winning club” to guide them through the process. Despite the uncertainty, everyone seemed overjoyed to have been a part of the historic moment.

Throughout the show, Ellen and her guests couldn’t help but express their happiness and appreciation for the Oscars night. Ellen credited the incredible success of the show to the relaxed and fun atmosphere that they were able to create. From handing out pizza to Harrison Ford taking a big bite to Lupita’s classy demeanor, the entire night was filled with laughter and joy.

In the end, Ellen thanked all her guests for being a part of the memorable night and for making the Oscars a truly remarkable event. The conversation ended with another selfie, this time featuring Ellen, her guests, and the audience, once again capturing the infectious happiness that filled the studio.

As always, The Ellen Degeneres Show proved to be a delightful and entertaining experience, leaving the audience excited for more unforgettable moments in the future.