Friday Night With Jonathan Ross is known for its entertaining and lively interviews, and a recent episode featuring Muhammad Ali certainly lived up to expectations. The talk show, hosted by Jonathan Ross, has been a platform for celebrities from all walks of life to share their stories and engage in entertaining conversations.

In this particular episode, Ross had the privilege of sitting down with the legendary Muhammad Ali. The conversation started off on a light note, with Ali expressing his gratitude for the interview and his shared passion for movies. However, things took an interesting turn when they discussed the set of the talk show.

Ross revealed that the set had been stripped down and changed, evoking a feeling of sadness and nostalgia. Ali, on the other hand, had bought one of the chairs from the set and shared a humorous story about it. This lighthearted banter set the stage for a more candid conversation about Ali’s decision to leave the show.

Ali admitted that he had mixed emotions about leaving the show. While Friday Night With Jonathan Ross had been a significant part of his life for 30 years, he felt that the time had come to move on. He cited increased competition and changes in the television industry as factors that contributed to his decision. Ali also expressed his belief that things were different compared to when he first started, and he didn’t want to be seen as an old-timer clinging to the past.

Ross, being a seasoned interviewer, delved deeper into Ali’s experiences and opinions. They discussed his relationships with white people, his involvement with the black Muslims, and his evolving personality. The interview took a turn when Ali got upset and even lost his temper, something that rarely happens during a talk show interview.

Reflecting on the experience, Ross thought this moment was important because it showed a different side of Ali to the British public. Ali’s divisive statements about hating all white men aroused mixed opinions, highlighting the complexity of his character.

The conversation between Ross and Ali was not the only memorable encounter on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross. Ross reminisced about other notable guests, including Canaan and Catherine Bramble Booth, a 96-year-old major in the Salvation Army. These interactions clearly left a lasting impression on Ross, allowing viewers to glimpse into the unique aspects of each guest’s personality and their impact on him.

One of the most famous encounters on the show was also with Ali, which happened multiple times over the years. Ross admitted that interviewing Ali was an extraordinary experience, witnessing the changes in Ali’s character and beliefs. Despite the occasional temper and differences of opinion, Ross acknowledged Ali’s greatness as a boxer and his ability to hold captivating conversations.

As the interview drew to a close, Ross expressed his admiration for Ali and acknowledged him as one of the most remarkable individuals he had ever met. Ross also shared his sentiments about the current landscape of talk shows, noting that there seemed to be a lack of shows solely focused on conversation and connection with guests.

While Ross doesn’t envision returning to hosting a talk show in the same capacity, he does have plans for future projects, potentially exploring themes related to growing older in Britain. However, Ross emphasized that he would only pursue projects that bring him the same joy and fulfillment as his previous successful endeavors.

Friday Night With Jonathan Ross continues to be a go-to talk show for celebrities and viewers alike. Each episode offers a platform for entertaining and engaging conversations, allowing guests to showcase their personalities and the host’s ability to spark memorable moments.