Faye Dunaway recently made an appearance on the talk show Friday Night With Jonathan Ross, where she discussed her illustrious career and shared some interesting anecdotes. The interview was filled with lively and engaging conversation.

Dunaway, who had lived in the UK for a decade during the 80s, spoke fondly of her time in London. She mentioned that it was a period of relaxation and escape from the demands of her successful career. She also highlighted how she found solace in London with her husband Terry O’Neill and their son.

During the interview, Dunaway reminisced about some of her memorable experiences in the entertainment industry. She recalled appearing on The Michael Parkinson Show on the night she won an Oscar. The interview, conducted by Michael Parkinson himself, resulted in a classic photograph taken by renowned photographer Terry O’Neill.

The conversation then turned to Dunaway’s collaborations with iconic leading men, such as Steve McQueen and Paul Newman. She described McQueen as having a wonderful street integrity and a unique style. She also praised Newman’s caring nature and the legacy he left behind through his work and charity efforts.

The host, Jonathan Ross, brought up Dunaway’s work with other notable actors, including Jack Nicholson and Robert Redford. They discussed movies like The Thomas Crown Affair and Chinatown, which showcased Dunaway’s remarkable talent. She was known for making interesting choices in her career and bringing a depth to her characters.

Dunaway opened up about the challenges of breaking away from certain perceptions due to her attractiveness and the expectations that came with playing certain roles. She expressed that women in the industry can sometimes get frozen into larger-than-life personas. Despite this, she remained committed to delivering her best performances and making each project as good as it could be.

When asked about her personal life and work style, Dunaway admitted to being very dedicated and passionate about her craft. She mentioned that she enjoyed watching films to relax, rather than indulging in massages or other treats. Dunaway also talked about her current projects, including an upcoming movie called “Flick” and her directorial debut in a play by Terrence McNally.

In conclusion, Faye Dunaway‘s appearance on Friday Night With Jonathan Ross was a captivating and insightful conversation about her career, experiences, and future endeavors. Her anecdotes about working with legendary actors and her dedication to her craft made for an entertaining and engaging interview. Fans of the chat show, talk show enthusiasts, and anyone interested in Dunaway’s career would find this episode of Friday Night With Jonathan Ross to be a must-watch.