On a recent episode of the popular talk show, Friday Night With Jonathan Ross, Adam Sandler shared an interesting and amusing story about being rejected by Christopher Walken. The episode, which aired on [air date], was full of lively conversation and laughs.

Sandler, who was there to promote his new movie, revealed that it was his first ever premiere in the UK, and he was surprised by the overwhelming response from fans. He jokingly admitted that he didn’t consider himself the best looking guy, but somehow ended up becoming a huge star.

In the interview, Sandler discussed his latest film, which revolves around a man who receives a remote control that can control anything. He shared that the idea was a collaboration with his friends who wrote the script. The movie boasts an impressive cast, including Christopher Walken as well as David Hasselhoff and Henry Winkler.

Speaking about working with Walken, Sandler praised him for his dedication to memorizing the script. He also mentioned that Walken didn’t prefer making changes to his lines, even when presented with rewritten material. Despite not getting close to Walken off-camera, Sandler described him as a great guy to work with.

The conversation took a light-hearted turn as they discussed the concept of a remote control with such power. Sandler jokingly shared that he would use it to rewind his childhood experiences and perhaps indulge in some amusing moments, like being allowed in the women’s restroom. They also touched on Walken’s love for gadgets and the excitement surrounding the film’s release in the United States and the UK.

The interview also delved into Sandler’s more sentimental side in his recent films. While he admitted that he hadn’t consciously set out to show a different side of himself, the movies naturally evolved to incorporate more emotional moments. Sandler attributed this shift to his own changing perspective as he gets older and seeks movies with happy endings.

The conversation took a light-hearted turn as they discussed Jonathan Ross‘s electric toilet, to which Sandler responded with his own comical anecdotes about gadgets, including his “electric shoes.” They also shared a laugh about Ross’s dog, Mr. Pickle, who apparently enjoys dressing up in tuxedos.

The interview showcased Sandler’s charming and comedic personality, keeping the audience entertained throughout. The episode of Friday Night With Jonathan Ross was a lively and enjoyable chat show experience featuring Adam Sandler and his humorous anecdotes about working with Christopher Walken and his latest film.

Overall, this episode of Friday Night With Jonathan Ross was a delightful blend of fun conversation, witty banter, and engaging storytelling. It offered viewers a glimpse into the world of Adam Sandler, his experiences in the entertainment industry, and his latest film.